Metal Gear Solid

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Developer- Kojima Productions
Publisher- Konami
Platform- Playstation 3

X years since big shell...

MGS4 is set to be a game of huge impact! To the surprise and relievment of many (after his apparent retirement after MGS3) Hideo Kojima will co-direct MGS4 alongside Shuyo Murata.


(The following names are the voice actors in the Japanese version, the English voice actors are still to be anounced)

Solid Snake-Akio Otsuka
Otacon-Hideyuki Tanaka Liquid Snake/Revolver Ocelot-Banjo Ginga Colonel Campell-Takeshi Aono Raiden-Kenyu Horiuchi Meryl Silverburgh-Kyoko Terase Naomi Hunter-Hiromi Tsuru

Most of what we know comes from the trailer shown in the 2005 Tokyo gamshow and E3 2006. The former essentially shows Snake sneaking around a heavy war zone observing a small army being supported by tanks and what looks like a squad of cross between Metal Gear Rays (MGS2) and Metal Gear Rex (MGS). The biggest shock of all is the appearance of hero Solid Snake (who we are told that unline MGS2 will be the main character throughout the entire game). Snake now looks old and weary with an eye patch and moustache all of which reminds us of Big Boss. The trailer ends with the appearance of Otacon via an, almost, cute robot named the "Metal Gear MkII and the two running off to do whatever they've gotta do. We do note that Snakes appearance is somewhat out of synch with Otacons. We have, however, been informed that this is because of "rapid cell degeneration" a disease caused by Snakes test tube background and also perhaps an affect of the Fox Die virus that still essentially lies within him.

More details were revealed in the E3 trailer. We now know that the game will be set in the Middle East and will see Snake hunting down Liquid Snake. After the Manhatten incident (MGS2) restrictions on foreign invovlement was reduced. Private Mercenary Armies (or just PMCs) became common place. The top of these PMCs, it has been learnt, are controlled by one mother company known as "Outer Heaven". Masterminding it all seems to be Liquid Snake in host Ocelot (on the trailer the name "Liquid Ocelot" is coined.

Not that much else is currently known on the story front. We know from the impressive trailera that it is set "X years in the future". What "X" means is up for dispute. The theme is apprently "no where to hide", which should be an interesting experiment in amongst a "Stealth 'em up" series. The game has already been compared to a mixture of Rambo and Black Hawk Down. Certainly the atmosphere we get from the trailer is one of constant tension brought about by never ending artillery fire. Kojima stated that the team plan to hire psychiatrists to really incorporate a "mental battle" side to the game.

We do have some knowledge of the characters invovled. In the above promotional poster. From left to right: Vamp, Meryl, Raiden, Ocelot, Solid Snake, Otacon, Big Boss, Niomi. Two important facts should be noted here. The first that Radien appears to be holding a child (remember Rose mentioning she was pregnant at the end of MGS2?) and that Big Boss looks very dead like (which is quite understandable considering he was death) but hey this is Metal Gear so who knows the crazy possiblities. Something else worth noting from the trailer is Snakes sudden incapasitating seizures in which he has to inject himself with some sort of serum, perhaps a sympton of his cell degeneration of the Fox Die within.

One of the greatest mysetries of all lies withing the title: "Guns of the Patriots". Will we finnaly learn the secrets of the organisation, entity or whatever that has plagued so many lives and lead to so many unanswered questions?