Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

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Developer- Konami JPN
Publisher- Konami
Platform- Playstation 2

It's the early 60s, the height of the cold war. An AC-130H Spectre plane flies over the Tselinoyarsk region of the Soviet Union. Aboard is US FOX unit member Naked Snake. This operative's mission is to rescue Russian scientist Nikolai Stephanovich Sokolov, the designer of a tank capable of firing a nuclear warhead and is requesting asylum. But first, Snake has got to perform the worlds first HALO jump...

Metal Gear Solid 3 was the second MGS title to come out on Playstation 2 format. It was released first in the US in 2004. MGS3 took a step back in time making itself the first game in chronological order. The setting was deep into the cold war between capatalist West and communist East. Althought this meant that gamers couldn't techinically play as the beloved Solid Snake they got some very close. The game had a lot of media attention and received mostly good reviews. Most gamers felt that the game realised and worked on the mistakes made in MGS2 while working on new features such as the "cure" feature. This allows players analyse and heal Snakes wounds which vary from bullet wounds to fractured bones to hornet stings.


(The following names are the voice actors in the English version, the names in brackets are the actors in the Japanese version)

Naked Snake-Dave Hayter (Akio Otsuka)
Eva-Suzetta Miñet (Misa Watanabe)
The Boss-Lori Alan (Kikuko Inoue)
Colonel Volgin-Neil Ross (Kenji Utsumi)
Ocelot-Josh Keaton (Takumi Yamazaki)
The Pain-Gregg Berger (Hisao Egawa)
The Fear-Michael Bell (Kazumi Tanaka)
The End-J. Grant Albrecht (Osamu Saka)
The Fury-Richard Doyle (Takeshi Endo)
The Sorrow-David A. Thomas Jr. (Yukitoshi Hori)
Major Zero-Jim Piddock (Banjō Ginga)
Para Medic-Heather Halley (Houko Kuwashima)
Sigint-James C. Mathis III (Keiji Fujiwara)
Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov-Brian Cummings (Naoki Tatsuta)
Director Aleksandr Leonovitch Granin-Jim Ward (Takeshi Aono)


WARNING Spoilers follow

Snake lands in the deep forests of the Soviet Union. He is supported by Major Zero in command, Para Medic a medical expert and The Boss, Snakes mentor. Snake makes his way north, sneaking past the Russian guards until he reaches Sokolov. Snake starts to escort Sokolov back when suddenly they are surrounded by Russian troops. However the situation complicates when a rival Ocelot unit lead by the "Ocelot". Snake manages to tackle them all and knocks out Ocelot.

Cathing up with Sokolov things are looking a little better when out of the blue The Boss appears. It seems that The Boss has and her loyal special unit "The Cobras" have defected to join a man named Volgin, a renegade within the Soviet Union who needs Sokolov for his schemes. The Boss severly wounds Snake and throws him off a bridge into a fast flowing river.

However, Snake recovers in time to witness an explosion destroying a reseach facility from a portable nuclear warhead given to him by The Boss...Snake escapes the Soviet Union badly wounded.

Snake returns to the Soviet Union again with a new mission. This time he must rescue Sokolov aswell as destroy the Shagohod, kill the Boss and all the members of the Cobra unit. The cause of this mission was the Russian governments learning of US activity in the area due to the destruction of the facility. Now the US must prove their innocence and pay back the Soviets.

Firstly Snake must meet his contact Adam and team up. However, when he arrives at the meeting point Snake is met by Eva who informs Snake that Adam couldn't make it. Eva is working as a double agent and is in direct contact with Volgin. Eva tells Snake about Sokolovs whereabouts and helps him tackle an Ocelot unit ambush. Eva makes her way back to Volgin and Snake makes his way to find Sokolov. On his way he encounters Ocelot who challenges Snake to a fight. They are interrupted however by a hornet invasion and Snake is forced to escape. Soon however, he meets Cobra unit member "The Pain" with his unique ablity to control hornet swarms. Despite this, he is defeated.

Snake arrives where he things he will find Sokolov. However, the scientist is long gone. Instead however he meets a man named Granin. Granin tells Snake of how he designed an incredible walking battle tank-a sort of Metal Gear if you will- but fell out of favour when Sokolov designed his Shagohod. Granin tells Snake that he can find Sokolov in the fortress base of Gronznyj Grad.

Snake continues to advance. On his way he meets "The Fear", another Cobra unit member. After battling him to the death, Snake has to fight "The End" a legendary and ancient sniper. After ascending Mt. Krasnogorje Snake rendevous with Eva who tells him more about the fortress and the Shagohod. Eva returns to base while Snake sneaks in via a secret tunnel. Here however, he must battle "The Fury". The battle ends with Snake victorious once more.

Having infiltrated Gronznyj Grad, Snake disguises himself as one of the facilities top soldiers (and somewhat of a "personal" friend of Volgins) allowing him to meet up with Sokolov, who by this point has entrusted the Shagohod data with Eva. Unfortunetly Volgin and The Boss enter. The Boss knocks down Snake leaving Volgin to beat Snake unconcious.

When he wakes, he finds himself in tied up in a torture room. Volgin continues to beat Snake with his powerful electric attacks but The Boss informs him that Snake will never talk, he was trained by her after all. Ocelot mean while, suspecting Eva of being a spy plays a little game (sort of a complicated version of Russian roulette). Snake tries with his last ounce of energy to help her resulting in the loss of an eye...a severe wound for all his life. After being dumped in a cell Snake manages to just escape and runs with all his might to an escape tunnel Eva told him about. Upon arriving Snake is trapped by Ocelot and his unit. The only way to escape is to risk throwing himself of a water fall into a river far below. When he wakes, he is approached by a strange phantom like being calling himself "The Sorrow". Having survived the ghosts of his own victims and an unexplained near-death experience Snake emerges half drowned down stream. Eva quickly meets up with him and together they rest and replenish themselves.

Having received C3 explosives from Eva, Snake intends to blow up the fuel containers surrounding the Shagohod to take it down. He succeeds in this but is consequently discovered by Volgin. Eva's secret identity is discoverd and is taken off by The Boss. Meanwhile Volgin tells Snake of "The Philosophers Legacy" a seemingly infinite account of money gathered by the allies during the Second World War but was lost in the confusion. Volgin the data and is using it to fund his renegade operations in which he intends to win the cold war.

Snake and Volgin fight with Snake the eventual victor. With only seconds left until the place blows up Snake meets up with the somehow free Eva. She informs Snake that The Boss set her free...The two make an escape on Eva's motorcycle. But just as they set off the Shagohod, piloted by Volgin, bursts out of the hanger. After and epic chase Snake and Eva finnaly kill Volgin and destroy the Shagohod for good. Still being chased they make their way to a nearbly Lake where a plane lies in waiting, as does The Boss. On their way the the bike crashes and Eva is severly wounded. With Snakes help, they both fight their way to the lake.

While Eva runs to start the plane up, Snake confronts The Boss, his mentor who was like a mother to him. Perplexed and desperate to know why she is doing all this, The Boss tells him that she must to "make the world whole again". Left with no choice Snake fights the toughest battle of his life. In the end she is defeated. In her dying moments The Boss hands Snake the microfilm containing the information on the Philosopher legacy.

Snake boards the plane that Eva has readied. As the plane prepares to lift off, Ocelot boards and a final fight ensues with Snake. It ends with a bizzare blank duel (only Ocelot knows from the begining neither gun is loaded). With that Ocelot leaves and the plane takes off...

Back in safety Eva and Snake begin to have what seems like an unavoidable love scene, however after waking up from passing out Snake finds Eva gone with the microfilm... it turns out that Eva was working for China all along and her objective was always to obtain the Philosophers Legacy. Snake also learns that something that will haunt him forever: The Boss was sent by the US as a covert agent, posing as a defector to the world, to retrieve the Philosophers Legacy from Volgin but was also however expected to die for her country with her reputation destroyed. It was Snake, her own soldier, who in the end had to kill her. Snake also learns that Ocelot was working for the US the whole time and that he holds the real microfilm while Eva took a fake thinking it to be real. However, Ocelot only gives back half the money to the US government while claiming the rest is lost.

In the end Snake is awarded a hero's welcome by the top men in the government. But Snake has not patience for this charade, not now he knows the truth. After all The Boss is defeated and now he is the ultimate solider. He is Big Boss.