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There have been various non-Canonical "Gears" since the series began, some of them more succesful, some more strange and some more inventive.


Developer- Konami Computer Entertainment Japan West
Publisher- Konami
Platform- Playstation, PC

Renamed "Special Missions" for Eurpoe, VR was released in 1999 as a sort of expansion for MGS for Playstation. It focused on no story as such but rather let the player play through 300 "virtual training missions".

The game featured various modes: Sneaking Mode, Weapon Mode, Advance Mode and Special Mode. Each with it's own emphasises on a particular play style (mostly obvious to the title). The game also featured some bonus features including a picture of Metal Gear RAY predating all news of MGS2 by a year.


Developer- Konami Computer Entertainment Japan West
Publisher- Konami
Platform- Gameboy Colour

Ghost Babel (renamed Metal Gear Solid for the western Market) was released for the Gameboy Colour in 2000. The game was effectively a sequel to MGS on playstation but ignored the storyline from the subsequent MGS2 so in a way can be seen as an alternative sequel, however remains irrelevent to greater picture. There is a thought that the game is a VR training program being used by Raiden from MGS2. This speculation was aroused to certain lines of dialouge and due to the emphises put on Raiden's VR training in MGS2.

The story is set in the African region of Gindra. A rebel force has developed a Metal Gear known as Metal Gear Gander. With this weapon, the rebel "Gindra Liberation Front" intend to achieve victory. Solid Snake is sent in to stop them. The rebels are using the fortress which was once known as Outer Heaven. Snake battles his way through the "Black Chamber" mercenary forces with the aid of Delta Force member Chris Jenner. Snake eventually uncovers a secret plot involving the US. This plot is rather significant to the orignal games and suggests the US government helped to fund Outer Heaven before Big Boss flipped out.


Developer- Konami JPN
Publisher- Konami
Playstation Portable

Taking a slightly different approach to the genre, Acid, released on PSP 2004, is turned based. The player chooses a set of card before each level then tactically uses these cards in a turn-based fashion to complete the level. Although criticised by many, the game has attraceted a wide fan base.

The story centres around the kidnapping of a senator by a terrorist group. In exchange for his life they want something they call "Pythagoras" from the US government. It turns out that "Pythagoras" is a reseach project being conducted in the country of Moloni in Southern Africa. After the Molinese government refuses to cooperate with the US, Solid Snake is sent in to generally kick ass.


Developer- Kojima Productions
Publisher- Konami
Platform- Playstation Portable

MGA2 or Metal Gear Ac!d² was released in Japan in 2005, the US March 2006 and Europe May 2006. The game features new graphics cel shaded graphics, updated gameplay, an "Arena" mode, and a new "Solid Eye System" compatability that players can use to attach their SES to their PSP's to give the game a 3D feel.

Story wise, the game sees Solid Snake as an idependant resistance figher manipulated by FBI agent Dalton into taking on a mission against his will. Snake must infiltrate the StrateLogic (they manufactures all things military-from Nukes to Cammo thongs) research facility. Snake soons uncovers a plot by the security team to develop a new Metal Gear.

Updated and Revived Gears

Along with a bunch of not-really-that-important titles, the MGS staff have come up with a few updated and revised versions of their own games over the years.

Metal Gear Solid2:Substance

Developer- Konami Computer Entertainment Japan West
Publisher- Konami
Platform- Playstation 2, Xbox, PC

This version of MGS2: Sons of Liberty featured close to 700 extra missions, VR and alternative. The game also contains "Snake Tales", a handful of non-canonical, and sometimes bizzare, missions starring Snake.

The was released on PS2, Xbox and PC 2002.

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

Developer- Silicon Knights/Konami

Publisher- Konami
Platform- Gamecube

This Gamecube exclusive, co-developed by Silicon Knights, was a remake of the orignal Playstation classic. Updated cutscenes and gameplay was the key here. Ryuhei Kitamura, director of the cult film Versus, was brought in to direct the cutscenes. These new fast flying, highly explosive scenes amazed some and annoyed others.

The voice acting was also re-recored featuring most of the original cast. The soundtrack was also changed. Silicon Knights developed part of this while Konami developed the other part. The epic mainly orchestral original soundtrack was technoaffied and re-arranged. Again, this annoyed many.

Metal Gear Solid3: Subsistence

Developer- Kojima Productions
Publisher- Konami
Platform- Playstation 2

Much like Substance, Subsistence is an expansion, this time of MGS:Snake Eater. The game has so far been released in Japan and the US. The game contains many new features: a new third person angle, Demo theatre, more Snake versus Monkey missions, original MSX versions of Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid Snake. However, perhaps the most exciting part is the new online mode.

The new online system will feature various modes: Sneaking mission, Team death match, death match, capture mission and rescue mission. 1