Metal Gear Solid

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Developer- Konami Computer Entertainment Japan West
Publisher- Konami
Platform- Playstation, Windows

On the remote Island of Shadow Moses off the Fox Archipeligo, Alaska, Next-Generation Special Forces attacked a nuclear disposal facility. This genome army is led by special unit FOXHOUND.

Physco Mantis- Power physcic abilities
Sniper Wolf- Beautiful but deadly
Decoy Octupus- Master of Diguise
Vulcan Raven- Giant and Shaman
Revolver Ocelot- Specialist in interrogation and formidable sharp shooter
Liquid Snake- Squad Leader

Their demand is simply the remains of the ultimate solider, Big Boss. They say that if their demands are not met in 24 hours then they will launch a nuclear missile.

Once again the legendary Solid Snake is called out of retirement by his old partner, former commander of FOXHOUND, Colonel Roy Campell.

When Metal Gear Solid was released for the Playstation in 1998 in Japan and the US, it was an instant success. Leading up to its release there was a huge hype, stemming from its debut trailer in the 1997 E3. MGS was spectacular for its time, and indeed it still is. The game employed a powerful story with effective dialouge, a simple yet epic musical score along with a great gameplay system and a spectacular 3D graphics engine. Quite simply there was nothing like it at the time.


(The following names are the voice actors in the English version, the names in brackets are the actors in the Japanese version)

Solid Snake-Dave Hayter (Akio Otsuka)
Meryl Silverburgh-Debi Mai West (Kyoko Terase)
Hal Emmerich-Christopher Randolph (Hideyuki Tanaka)
Liquid Snake-Cam Clarke (Banjō Ginga)
Roy Campell-Paul Eiding (Takeshi Aono)
Mei Ling-Kim Mai Guest (Houko Kuwashima)
Naomi Hunter-Jennifer Hale (Heromi Tsuru)
Grey Fox-Greg Eagles (Kaneto Shiozawa)
Revolver Ocelot-Patric Zimmerman (Koji Totani)
Sniper Wolf-Tasia Valenza (Naoko Nakamura)
Vulcan Raven-Peter Lurie (Yukitoshi Hori)
Psycho Mantis-Doug Stone (Kazayuki Sogabe)
Donnald Anderson-Greg Eagles (Masaharu Sato)
Jim Houseman-William Basset (Tomohisa Aso)
Kenneth Baker-Allan Lurie (Yuzuru Fujimoto)


WARNING Spoilers follow

Snake is launched via submarine then uses an SDV (swimmer delivery vehicle)to get as close as possible before infiltrating via the Cargo Docks of the facility. Snake has two objectives. Firstly, rescue DARPA chief Donald Anderson and Armstech President Kenneth Baker. Secondly, investigate whether or not the terrorists are capable of lauching a nuclear attack and if so, stop them.

On this missions Snake has help from several people back at base via the ol' trusted Codec. The Colonel, Niomi Hunter-doctor, Mei Ling-tech, Master Miller-Snakes old instructer and Natasha Romenenko-weapons specialist. Snake catches his first glimpse of the rebel group, Liquid Snake, after riding a lift up to the helipad of the facility. There isn't much time to hang around though, Snake has to find a way inside.

Snakes first port of call is the prison cells. There he finds DARPA chief Donald Anderson. Anderson reveals to Snake that the terrorsists are capable of launching a nuclear attack, through Metal Gear! This new type of Metal Gear is known as "Metal Gear Rex", a Bipedal nuclear walking battle tank... Snake learns he must de-activate the weapon with three "PAL" Keys, one of which he is given. All of a sudden the DARPA chief dies, seemingly of a heart attack. At the same time, the prisoner of the adjacent cell breaks out, releasing you. After a brief period of hostility the ex prisoner runs off leaving only a strange "physcic" presence behind (could it be Mantis!?)

Snake soon finds Armstech President Kenneth Baker. However, complications arise when Revolver Ocelot shows up and fights Snake. The fight is interupted when out of the blue a cyborg ninja turns up, cutting off Ocelots arm and retreating. Alone, Snake and Baker talk, however just when things are geting interesting Baker dies just as Anderson did.

The next step for Snake is to contact Meryl via codec. This "Meryl" is actually the escaped prisoner and the Colnels niece! She refused to go along with the whole rebellion thing. Well thats another ally. Meryl tells Snake that he has to find Metal Gears main designer, Hal Emmerich AKA Otacon.

After an aggressive encounter with big-gun-obsessed Vulcan Raven Snake reaches the corridor leading to the room that Otacon is in. However, this is no ordinary corridor. No, this is a corridor with a lot of cut up guards...very messy...Proceeding Snake enters the room. There he not only finds Otacon (alive fortunetly) but also that Cyborg Ninja!

Ninja tells Snake that they are old friends then tries to kick your ass, with invisility and super sneaky ninja powers Nevertheless you win. It seems that Ninja is none other than your old defeated comrade, Gray Fox. Otacon is alive and well and explains about his haunting "nuclear past" and that all he really wanted to do was built robots. Otacon doesn't go with Snake, he hurt his leg and would only slow him down, but keeps in Contact vie Codec. Nice. Now with Otacon secure Snake must go meet with Meryl.

Their meeting is short, Meryl, after promising to be of use, is taken possesion of by that physcic Physco, Mantis. After the ensuing battle Mantis uses his last energy to help open a secret passage. Before dying Mantis tells Snake that he has a place in Merly's heart but their future together is uncertain.

Merly and Snake make their way to the the communications tower from which they will cross over the other side of the facility, where underground Metal Gear is kept. However, at the bottom of the tower Meryl is shot several times by Sniper Wolf. While Snake finds a sniper rifle, Merly's body is take away. Snake, in his fury, fills Wolf full of lead. However, shortly after victory Snake is ambushes and knocked out by Wolf and her posse of guards.

Waking up in a torture room, Snake finnaly speaks face to face with Liquid who calls him "brother". Ocelot proceeds to torture Snake, threatening him that if he gives up Merly's life will be lost.

Waking up in a cell, Snake finds the body of DARPA chief Donald Anderson, but the body has been rotting for hours...Thanks to a little help from Otacon and some tomato Ketchup (or a bed) Snake escapes and retrieves his equipment, fighting his way back to where he fought Wolf. This time he is not captured and continues to fight his way up the very long tower. But surprises are never far in Shadow Moses, Liquid appears in a Hind-D (Russian helicopter gunship). Snake epicaly repels down the tower, makes his way across to the other tower, finds a stinger missle launcher and, upon finding out the lift is bust, makes his way to the top. Here he has no choice but to shoot down that chopper. Which he does.

Otacon informs Snake that the lift is working and Snake uses it to get down the bottom floor of the second side of the facility. Before going in he is agaiin confronted with Sniper Wolf. Snake pumps her full of even more lead and she drops. Otacon reveals his love for Wolf, and as she dies she reveals her respect for Big Boss, Snakes father.

No time to reflect. Time is running out. Snake makes his way underground and towards Metal Gear. On his way, suspcions arise about Codec contact Niomi's allegiences. Snake battles Vulcan Raven who tells Snake that the man he thought was Donald Anderson was in fact Decoy Octupus who took in the blood of the DARPA chief, a clue to the mans death and to the suspicious body in the cell.

Finnaly arriving in Metal Gears holding bay Snake over hears a conversation with Ocelot and Liquid, loses his PAL card key, finds his card key then enters it into the computer terminal in the control room above Metal Gear. Snake finds out that there is fact only one card key needed but that it must be changed to different temperatures. Snakes achives this and more. He learns that Niomi is fact a traitor, she has infected you with genetic virus "FOXDIE", the virus that killed Anderson and Baker.

Snake enters enters the final PAL key into the terminal to deactivate Metal Gear. However, in truth he activates it. Snakes codec rings. Master Miller shakes down his hair, takes off his glasses and shows his true form...Liquid Snake! The whole time he has been manipulating affairs! Snake escapes the gas filled room to meet Liquid by the head of Rex.

Here, Liquid confirms that they are in fact brothers, the last survivng sons of Big Boss, test tube babies from the "Les Enfant Terribles Project". However, Liquid got all the recessive genes while Snake got all the dominanttt ones. Liquid tells Snake that he wishes to surpass Big Boss by completing his dreams and creating the soldier's paradise...Outer Heaven. Liquid hops into Metal Gear Rex, revs up the engine and starts to break away from the girders.

Snake has nowhere to run, in front of him stands a huge heavily armoured walking battle tank. Otacon tells Snake that Metal Gear's visuals runs on a VR like system and he might just have a chance if he takes out Rex's Radar. Snakes gives it all he's got.

There is no hope left. Metal Gear's visuals are still intact and Liquid is ready to crush Snake into dust....when all of a sudden! Gray Fox appears! Ninja takes out the radar for Snake, forcing Liquid to open the cockpit. Ninja appologises to Snake and tells him to tell Naomi (his adopted daughter-Snake "killed" Fox and she wanted revenge) that he in fact killer her parents. Fox is crushes by Metal Gear. Snake is sad. However, because of Ninja's sacrifice Snake fires a missile into the cockpit destroying Metal Gear, and knocking him out.

Upon coniousness Snake find himself on top of the wreck of Mettal Gear, facing Liquid. Liquid explains to Snake that all the soliders of Outer Heaven are in some way sons of Big Boss and that they need his genes to rectify "symettery" in their bodies (symettery is bad-diseases can wipe out entire species' that way). Snake also learns that the US want to cover the whole thing up and are shortly going to nuke the island.

Well, never disheartened, Liquid desires one last fight with you. Hand to hand. No catches. At the side, lies Merly's body. If Snake wins he might just be able to enjoy one last moment of love...before the end. Snake and Liquid battle it out. After some time, Liquid in knocked off the edge, falling down into the abyss...

Snake runs to Merly. She is alive! The two hurry down Metal Gear and through a tunnel exit. There they find a jeep and a tunnel out of the facility! With Meryl driving and Snake gunning, the pair fight their way along squads of guards and checkpoints. Then Meryl sees light up ahead! But wait. Whats that? Not yet Snake. It's not over yet. Liquid drives up behind, machine gun in hand. The final battle is underway. As liquid loses, he swerves his car in front of Meryl causing a crash just outside the facility.

Snake and Meryl wake up. Oh dear, so has Liquid. Liquid stubmles with the last of his energy and prepares to shoot Snake when suddenly he drops down dead from none other than Foxdie.

The Colnel gets on to the Codec and informs Snake everything will be fine. A chopper is comming to pick them up.

Ocelot meanwhile has other stealing the plans to Metal Gear, and giving them to the president... 1