Metal Gear

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Developer- Konami
Publisher- Konami Ultra Games
Platform- MSX2, NES, Famicom, PC,

Near the end of the 20th century, Special Forces Unit Foxhound raw recruit Solid Snake is sent to infiltrate the Fortress stronghold of Outer Heaven. Solid Snake is sent in by leader Big Boss after contact with the last agent, Gray Fox, was lost, his last transmission saying only "Metal Gear"... The West susupects that a powerful weapon is being housed within the walls of Outer Heaven. Snake's mission is to find out if there is any truth behind these suspicions and discover the fate of agent Grey Fox.

Thus it began. Metal Gear was first launched in 1987 in Japan and Europe, it was designer Hideo Kojima's debut title. The game was first released on the MSX2 format then later released on the Nintendo Family Computer (Famicom) then the Nintendo Entertainment system (NES) in the US. The game was also later ported to Commodore64 and PC.


WARNING Spoilers follow

Once on site, Snake quickly gathers all the equipment he can before making his way to his contacts, local resistence members Kyle Schneider, Diane, and Jennifer. Before long, Snake rescues Grey Fox from his prison. Fox tells Snake, that Metal Gear is in fact a Nuclear walking bipedal tank that can fire warheads from anywhere on Earth! Outheaven intends on using Metal Gear to force its way into the world as a new superpower. Snake continues and rescues the lead engineer of Metal Gear, Dr. Drago Petrovich Madna and daughter Elen. Peterovich provides Snake with vital information on how to stop Metal Gear. As Snake carries on through Outer Heaven he begins to become suspicious of the accuracy of traps. To make things worse, contact is completely lost with Schneider.

At last, Snake neautralises the Metal Gear threat after taking out the Outer Heaven defence system. Victoriously, Snake makes his way out when he is confronted by the leader of Outer Heaven, none other than...Big Boss himself! Big Boss had been using his power and influence to fund his mercanry army and found Outer Heaven. Big Boss sent Solid Snake, the newest recruit, on purpose as he doubted his ability and experience. Well he was wrong, and an epic battle ensues. Snake beats Big Boss and escapes as Outer Heaven's self-destruct system counts down. The huge explosion that follows envelopes Outer Heaven. The world assumes that Big Boss went down with it...