Metal Gear Solid Snake

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Developer- Konami
Publisher- Konami
Platform- MSX2

1999, Oil reserves are at a critical low. Czech scientist, Dr. Kio Marv, successfully bio-engineered a new species of algae, OILIX, that could produce petroleum-grade hydrocarbons at little cost. On his way to a meeting in the US, Dr Marv is kidnapped by terrorists from Zanzibar Land. These terrorists plan to hold the world ransom with its need for oil and Zanzibar Lands own nuclear capabilities.

Western gamers did were not able to play Metal Gear Solid Snake for quite some time. The game's release in Japan on the MSX2, was unavailable in the US and the game didn't receive a European version due to the decline of the MSX market. Quite some time later a the ROM image of the game was translated into English and further distributed via the internet


WARNING Spoilers follow

Solid Snake is re-employed by Foxhounds new commander Roy Campell to infiltrate Zanzibar Land and rescue Dr Marv. On the way he has to team up with Natasha Markova, Holly White (CIA) and, once again, Dr. Petrovich Madnar the designer of the orignal Metal Gear who is been captured...again.

Madnar informs Snake that the leader of this terrorist group is none other than Big Boss, the leader of the Outer Heaven movement. Natasha is suddenlly killed by a missile fired by the new Metal Gear D and Petrovich is re-captured. The new Metal Gear (Metal Gear D) turns out to be piloted by Solid Snakes long-time friend and partner Grey Fox. Snake fights his way through Zanzibar Land, defeating all it has to offer, including the elite mercenary group the Black Colour Ninjas.

Upon arriving at the cells, Snake finds Dr Marv's corpse. Snake receives a message from Holly informing him that Petrovich was in fact a volunteer member of Zanzibar Land. At this point Petrovich unsuccesfully attacks Snake. With the OILIX safe in Snakes hand, Snake confronts Metal Gear D and, his once brother in combat, Gray Fox. Snake takes out Metal Gear but finds himself battling Fox himself, surrounded by a minefield. After a long epic battle, Snake is victorious.

However, it's not over yet. Snake must still beat his greatest adversary, Big Boss...unarmed.

With some ingenuity and a bit of luck, Snake develops a home made flamethrower (from a lighter and a can of hairspray). Surprising him, Snake kills Big Boss.

Snake is last seeing travelling to Alaska... 1