Rained Out - (Pics)
The Bunny slope starts here...And it's downhill from there.
Hey, I don't get some of it either...Good luck.

Jim Nelson
(.....Did that come out right?)
Glancelot Links...

The Cropdusters
A coupla big fat hippies with guitars spraying their acousticide and music across East Texas...

Sue's Racin' News & Views
...A muse whose clues I use to choose whose crews are due...Sue-perb NASCAR site.

...All that is Winston Cup.  THE 'cybrary' of NASCARnal knowledge.

Can't forget the hometownian. Bossier's Butch Bellah literates a wicked wacing website. 
Feb. 11  Invitation
NASCAR's own Jimmy the "Geek" makes a weekly attempt at humor before tarot-rizing the Winston Cup races with inciteful predictions.
Feb. 12  Invitation II
....Aglets Ahoy!!!
Feb. 17  Daytona 500
Justin Time...
Mar. 10  MBNA America 500 - Atlanta
Able was I, ere I at Nalta
Feb. 24  Subway 400 - Rockingham
Limp Picks...
Mar. 3  UAW Chrysler Daimler 400 - Las Vegas
I Haven't the Vegas Clue...
Apr. 7  Samsung/Radio Shack 500 - Texas
All My Hexes Live in Texas...
May 26  Coca Cola 600 (Post) - Charlotte
Triple Dippin'...
May 18  The Winston - Charlotte
I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing...
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