I must've emptied two red Sharpies circling this weekend on my calendar.  Say what you will about your Super Bowl and your Winter Olympics, but I'm tellin' ya, THIS is the biggest event of the year.  And it's finally here.  I'm so excited.  Look at me, I've got goosebumps.  I'm wearin' three officially licensed t-shirts but still tremblin'.  I can't tell if I'm tingly, giddy, or just needin' a jacket.

Hmm.....(Ahem!)...For my dignity's sake, let's just assume that it's a bit nippy in here. 

Oh, I can hardly wait.  Have ya seen all the commercials for this thing?  They started runnin' 'em a coupla weeks ago and I've needed a drool bucket since.  Shameless, but effective:  Lotsa action, all those quick edits...It's a painting.  And the sound comin' from them pipes?  Music.....sigh.  

(......Yeah, quite nippy, indeed.  Best find myself a coat.)

Asunta, which jacket looks best on me?"
The straight one."
Thanks Sweetie."
(She's a doll, ain't she?)

Insults. Giddiness. Pavlovian fortnights.  They'll not bring me down.  For this is the weekend.  The one I've looked forward to with great anticipation (and great uncle Bob.)  This is MY weekend.

.....Britney's movie opens nationwide.

Pinch me,

PS.  Oh yeah, and I understand there's also a race on TV.   
Daytona 500 - February 17, 2002
Daytona Beach, Florida

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