Welcome to the NEW version of Oreo's HamHam Hut, a peaceful little spot on our very own private beach, set aside just for hammies! No hungry cats, loud dogs, or screeching birds. Just us hams and our loving owners. Feel free to look around, and sign the guestbook if you can. We have fun stuff as well as info, so that you can learn while you play!
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Oreo the Hammie
Oreo is an adorable teddy bear ham from Petco. I got him on Aug. 5, 2003. I named him Oreo because of his fur pattern. He is a white banded brown Syrian, so he looks just like an Oreo cookie! We don't know what his b-day is because Petco doesn't keep track of that. His favorite food is sunflower seeds. I've been wanting to make a site for him, so... Tada!
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Neha the Human
Hiya everyone! My name's Neha (a.k.a. Cloud), and I'm the creater of this site, as well as the happy (yet slightly crazy) owner of a ham named Oreo. I'm 13, Malu (from India, speak Malayalem, not Hindi)  and darn proud! I have blackish brown hair down to my shoulder blades, big dark brown eyes, and glasses, but not those big geeky ones. I love to read and write poetry and fanfics. Well, I guess that's me! Now go check out the site! And sign the guestbook!

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