Delicious Dishes
One of Oreo's most favorite things in the world to do is eat, so doesn't it make sense to dedicate an entire page to my little eating and pooping machine's favorite treats?
Here are some treats I made up myself. I hope your ham enjoys them! If you would like to add any more treats, email me (link on main page).
Hamster Birthday Cake:

Take 3 peices of toast about the side of a quarter. Spread low fat plain yogurt on them and stack them one on top of the other. Then, spread peanut butter on the very top. Grind some of your ham's favorite treats and sprinkle them ontop. Take carrots and cucumber. Slice these into very small, thin sticks, about an inch long and a centimeter wide. Prop them up ontop of your cake, like candles. Tada! Your ver own Hamster Birthday Cake. But remember, this is a treat, only to be given every once in a while. Have fun!
Hamster Soup:

In a tiny plastic bowl, mix milk, ground oats, and a little bit of yogurt together. Add in very small peices of chopped up carrot and a few seeds. Put this in your ham's cage and watch him drink, but be sure to watch untill he's done, then take out the bowl as soon as he finishes.

Strawberry Surprise:

Take a fresh, ripe strawberry and slice it in half. Take off the leaves and wash it nicely. Using a plastic knife (so you don't cut yourself) chop up the strawberry slice into a very mushy goop. Mix this with a little bit of honey and Rice Krispies. It's great for your ham, and for you! But remember, too much fresh fruits too often means diarreah.
Christmas Feast:

Veggie Mash- Smash some peas and mix in corn, small peices of chopped up carrots, and the top of broccoli. Mix all of this with very nicely cooked potato (uncooked is deadly).

Dessert- Take a peice of bread and cut the crust off. Cut this square to make it smaller. Spread honey over one square of bread. Add slices of strawberries, grapes and chopped up seeds. Wrap it up in lettuce (not too much).

Take some cooked chicken and place it on your ham's dinner plate. Pour the veggie mash over it. When your ham is done, give him/her the dessert. Enjoy!
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