What types of hamsters are there?
             There are two groups: Syrian and Dwarf. These are separated into smaller groups, such as Golden, Teddy Bear, Black Bear, Roborovski, Winter Whites, ect.

Can I give my hamster a bath?
NO!! Giving a hamster a bath will remove the natural oils in it's fur, making the hamster smell worse. Also, hamsters catch colds very easily, and they don't swim. Instead of water, use Chinchilla Sand, not dust.

What is the lifespan of a hamster?
             Most hams live for 2-3 years, but some have been known to live up to 6!

Can I brush my hamster's fur?
             If your ham's fur seems very messy, you can use an old, used toothbrush to make it neat again.

Do hamsters hibernate?
             Yes, when the temperature becomes very low or there is a sudden, drastic change in your ham�s environment, hamsters will hibernate. Even though they may look and feel like they�re dead, if you watch very closely, you will see the whiskers twitch. They should be woken up so that they don�t dehydrate.

My hamster's nails are so long, they hurt me a lot when I pick him up! What can I do?
             Take your ham to the vet and get them trimmed. You can also trim them yourself, but this is no easy task. Don't cut the nail too low, or it will start to bleed. If this happens, dip the toe in flour to stop the bleeding. If you don't want to take the risk of bloodshed, you can take a long, wide strip of sandpaper and cover the track of your hamster wheel with it.

Can you feed hamsters bugs?

             Yes, but this does not mean the type of bugs you find in your backyard. Most pet shops have specially packaged dead bugs to feed to your hamster. These aren't necessary.

Can I keep two hamsters together?
             If they are Dwarf hamsters, yes, but if one of them is a Syrian, then NO!! Syrians are solitary hamsters. It doesn't matter if it's boy and girl, girl and girl, boy and boy, siblings, Syrian and Dwarf, ect.
ONE SYRIAN PER CAGE!!! Syrians are very territorial, and will fight to the death! Many, many hamsters have died because their owners didn't know this! On the other hand, Dwarfs are very social and get lonely if housed sepparately.

Do hamsters squeak?
             Yes. Some hamsters squeak more than others, and it's perfectly natural for them to squeak, so don't worry.

Can hamsters eat cheese?
             Yes, but cheese should only be given in small amounts about once a week. This is also true for any fresh vegetable or treat.

Can I breed my hamsters?
Unless you are a trained, professional hamster breeder, then NO, I don't reccomend it.

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