Hamster Tales
This is a new addition to the site where you, the wonderful surfers of the internet, can post stories about your lovely, and often silly, hamsters! All you need to do is simply email me!
Hams DO Dream!

One day, I crouched down by Oreo's cage to watch him sleep in his silly little positions, when all of a sudden, though he was still sleeping, he started kicking his legs and twisting around in his bed. After about 3 seconds of that, he just went all still and normal and continued peacefully sleeping. So cute!
By Me, Neha
Curiosity Fed the Cat... Almost

Once, I got up on a school day, and fed my hamster. I went downstairs, had breakfast, and then went back upstairs to brush my teeth. Well, apparantly I must have forgotten to put the lid back on my tank. Whiskers (my cat) was inside the cage (I dont know how she squeezed through). It scared me to death, if not my hamster. I ran over, and luckily, Pepper was unseen under her wheel. I took out Whiskers, who was alright. (I'm glad I brushed my teeth upstairs!) Pepper was fine, but looked very frightened. I now make sure I close the lid!

By MsHamster
When the Owner's Away, Hams Will Play!

One cold night, I went to a sleepover at my best friend's house. I made sure my hamster Cody would be ok while I was gone. Before I left, I gave Cody a kiss and said, �You be good now!� He did exactly the opposite. I gave him a little hug, turned out the light, shut the door, and left for the sleepover. The next morning, I remembered how my mom said to call because she was planning on going somewhere, so I called. She told me how she went in my room and saw that my hamster was gone. She asked me if I wanted to come home and look for him. Of course I said yes! I went home and found him chewing up my rug under my bed! I am so happy I found him! Especially since we have four cats!

By Leah
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