Oreo's Photo Album
Good news and bad news. Good news is that the photo album is finally here! Bad news? There was supposed to be 15 pictures in here, but something went wrong with the camera, so there are only three. And one of them is messed up. Sorry! :(

Oreo's words are in
brown and mine are in white.
Since we had so few pictures here, I moved this in from the front page!

So... you're trying to trick people?
I think you look like a mouse in this one... or maybe a rat.

I look like an uncool rodent.

Which rodent?

Who cares? If you're not a hammie, you're uncool.
Oooh! A silhouette! Very artistic, Ma!

Erm... no, actually that's just one of the pictures that got messed up. It's the only one that you can kinda make out.
This is a pic I drew of Oreo as a Hamtaro character.

Mmm... sunflower seeds...
This is Oreo's old cage. Very boring, huh? To see a picture of his new cage, click here.

Hey... I remember this cage! I remember that wheel! I hated that wheel! Didn't I use it as a toilet or something?...
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