La Casa De Oreo
Since Christmas was coming and it would be Oreo's first Christmas (as far as I

know) I decided to get him lots of new presents. What better present than a

new home? Very few things in his 10 gallon tank stayed the same. The only

things I kept were the water bottle and the food bowl. Oreo got new bedding,

house, wheel, food, treats, and toys. I've numbered each of them, and if you

look below the picture, there's a key. To see what Oreo's old cage looks like,

go to the
photo album and scroll down untill you find it. It's a big change, huh?
1. Oreo in his cage... such a cute tushy!

2. Plastic strawberry shaped house

3. Wire wheel with paper woven in between the bars

4. Small jar lid to catch dripping water

5. Water bottle

6. Food bowl and food

7. Hamster see-saw

8. Vitakraft chew stick

9. Aspen bedding

10. Vitakraft Strawberry Yogurt Drops
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