MY Story
Hi everyone... erm... I'm, uh, Oreo. Yeah. This is my, erm... page. Where I, er, get to say... stuff. So... I, er, I guess you wanna know about me?... and stuff? Right? Ok... here goes:
A long long time ago (ok, maybe not THAT long ago) I used to live with a lot of other hams. It was ok, but it was pretty croweded, and we didn't get along too good. Then suddenly, a giant hand reached down from the sky and took one of the hams. --Oh wait! Is that a sunflower seed? No? Oh, ok. Back to the story then...-- The hand, it lifted him a few inches, then put him back down. Before I knew what was happening, the hand grabbed me!
All of a sudden, I'm wide awake --Hold on, I gotta check out this smell... ok, it's nothing... now where was I? Oh yeah!-- I'm wide awake on this hard cold floor, then I'm in a dark place, then I'm in a bright place but I can't move (I was there for a LONG time!) and then, finally, I was here, where I am now, in my comfy little home.
So that's my story! Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go make sure the wheel works, then I gotta take a drink, all that talking made me thirsty. After that, I'll go dig up my hoard and make sure everything's still there, and next I'll take a pee, and after finishing that stuff, I'll--ect.
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