Alright, let's face it. Hamsters have one thing on their mind besides eating, pooping, and sleeping. Know what it is? Escaping! Hams are very smart, and very observant. If you have a ham who's determined to get out, he'll get out. So, now that he's escaped, how do you catch him?
Steps to Catching Your Ham:

1. Take a handful of your ham's favorite treats. Put 5 of these on the floor of every room in the house and close all the doors to the rooms with the treats.

2. The next morning, count how many treats are left in each room. The room with the least treats is the one your ham is hiding in.

3. Your poor ham might die of thirst (seriously) so take a shallow cup or a jar lid (something your ham won't drown in) and fill it with water. Place these on the floor of all the rooms.

4. Get a large bucket or pail that has smooth sides your ham can't climb.

5. Put about 4 inches of bedding in the bottom and place a fresh apple slice in it too.

6. Take a towel or a hamster ladder and pour apple juice all over it. Let it dry completely before moving on to step 7, but don't wash it. Just let it air-dry.

7. Create a ramp with the towel/ladder leading from the floor into the bucket. Let just enough hang into the bucket so that the ham can fall in, but can't climb back out.

8. Make sure there are no other food sources (fruits left out in the open, crumbs, ect.) in the house.

9. Sit and Wait. It may take many days. Remember to change the apple slice every day so it doesn't rot.
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