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This in an on going project for me. I am an ESL teacher in Japan, and I am practicing HTML and web design on my own. Hopefully you will find these pages useful too.

It's finally here!

The all new: Basic Oral Test

Estimated time required: unknown. I never got the chance to use it. After seeing a need to better assess students' levels more uniformly, I wrote this test. Unfortunately, the school I was teaching at was not interested in an oral test. It wasn't their "method". So, rather than throw it away, I might as well give it away! Enjoy. Use it. Change it so it will best meet your needs. Send me comments so that I can improve it. Thank you!

To be used together with:Oral Test Checklist

The Checklist is designed to be used with the Basic Oral Test. It is intended to be given to the student after completing the Oral Test as feedback. The teacher may also want to keep a copy of the Checklist as a record of the student's progress.

Coming soon: Advanced Grammar Oral Test

Level Intro Lesson Plans and Materials

Level 1 Lesson Plans and Materials

Level 2 Lesson Plans and Materials

Level 3 and 4 will be a while before I get anything out for them. Sorry.

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