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Advice Flash Cards

Cut out these flash cards, and use along with the topic Advice in Level 1 & 2 in the Study Guide.

You live in Los Angeles. Your boyfriend/girlfriend lives in New York. You've just met the woman/man of your dreams at school / work. Your parents HATE your girlfriend/boyfriend. You really love him/her a lot, but you don't want to upset your parents.
You borrowed your father's car, but you had an accident. What should you do? You have failed an exam and do not want your parents to find out. You know that they will ask about it soon.
You want to move into a new apartment, but you can't take your dog. You are in love with a married man/woman. You don't feel comfortable around him/her at work.
You accidentally take home the wrong bag from the gym and you find there is a gun in it. You have received an eviction notice giving you 30 days to find a new place to live.
You want to buy a cell phone. Which kind should you get?

What company is best?

You are very shy, but you want to ask a co-worker out on a date. How should you do it?
You haven't done your laundry in a long time. You cannot find any clean clothes to wear and you have a hot date planned with a new boyfriend/girlfriend. You want to go on a cruise with your new spouse, but he/she wants to go skiing instead.
Your neighbor's dog always barks all night. It's difficult for you to go to sleep. Your apartment has just burnt to the ground. You are shocked and don't know what to do.
You and your spouse want to go on vacation for one month, but you have 2 dogs and many houseplants at home. You are afraid that your company is going to layoff many employees � including you.
Your friend has just become a member of a religious cult. You think it is a very bad and potentially dangerous group. You don't like to drink alcohol, but your boss and office mates always want to go to bars. You always end up paying the same as everyone else, but you never drink.
The other kids in school are always bullying you. Your teachers don't believe you and your parents don't understand the problem. You bought plane tickets to a small island from a new company, but when you got to the airport, you found out that it was a fraud.
You are allergic to cigarette smoke, but everyone at your office smokes. You feel awful every day at work.

You want to live and work in a foreign country.

You are looking for an Internet Service Provider. Which ISP is the best?

You suspect you sister is doing drugs. She is always asking to borrow money and can never hold down a job. She has lost a lot of weight and looks terrible. She is also acting very strangely.
You borrowed you sister's new, expensive dress without her permission. You wore it to a party and accidentally spilled red wine and tomato sauce on it. Now there is a big stain on it.

You have just found out that your spouse is heavily in debt to the Mafia.

You need to buy a computer, but you don't know which kind to buy.

Your roommates are always messy and you are tired of cleaning up after them. You have a small apartment, and because of their mess, you don't feel comfortable bringing guests over.
You are terribly addicted to cigarettes and you know you should stop smoking. But how? It's so difficult to stop. You need a computer, but you don't have any money.
You and your new spouse want to have children. How much money should you have in the bank, and how should you plan for it? Your company has asked you to transfer to a foreign country, but you don't want to move and leave your friends and family. You also don't want to lose your job.
You suspect your spouse is having an affair. You have been married for 25 years and have 2 children. You want to start a retirement fund. How should you invest the money?
You are thinking about moving to a new place. Should you buy a house, or should you rent? You are being stalked by a stranger. You constantly get strange calls at night, and letters in the mail. You don't feel safe. This is the second time you have moved. He found you again.
You have a one-week vacation, and you have $2,000 to spend. Where should you go? A foreign representative from your company's overseas office is coming to visit your office and will be staying with you for a week. Where should you take him, and what should you do?
You have a teenage son. You don't like his friends because they are a bad influence on him. He doesn't listen to you, and you are afraid he will get into big trouble with the law if he's not careful. You want to speak English fluently. How should you study? What school should you go to? Should you do a home stay?

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