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These pages are designed to help students study and prepare for lessons. Level Intro is the easiest. Level 4 should be near native level.

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Reading books in English about topics you like is very important for learning native English. You should practice reading out loud to help you with your fluency and pronunciation. Check out this page to see an easy list of different topics you can choose from! Enjoy a book.

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Level Intro

More coming soon.

Level 1

More coming soon.

Level 2

Test yourself! Try this: Common Errors Correct the mistakes!

Level 3

Here is a test for you: High Level Errors correct these errors and try the level 2 test as well. Good luck!

Level 4

Do you guys really need any? Maybe.

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Look up "ESL Quizzes" for more self-study web sites! Take an English test online!

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