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Request Flash Cards 2

Cut out these flash cards and use along with Requests in Level 2 from the Study Guide. Works best with your students in pairs.

Student 1 reads the flash card changing it to the first person singular. Student 1 then explains to student 2 about the situation. Student 1 will also have to explain what Student 2's role is in this situation.

Your neighbor's friend has parked his

car in front of your driveway and

you can't get out.

Your neighbor's dog barks all night

and you can't sleep.

You are going on vacation for one week

and you'd like your neighbor to

collect your mail and newspaper while

you are away.

The people in the next apartment are

having a party and are playing very

loud music. You can't sleep and you

must wake up early for an important


You won't be able to go to school

tomorrow. Ask your classmate if you

can borrow their notes.

You are haven't finished writing your

report for school and it is due tomorrow.

Ask your teacher for a one-week


You'd like to borrow your friend's

car for the weekend.

Your car has broken down on the

highway. You see a house nearby.

Ask if you can use the phone to call

a tow truck and your family.

You see a book on your friend's bookshelf

and you'd like to borrow it. Ask if it is OK.

You'd like to order a pizza over the phone.

Call your favorite pizza delivery store.

You bought a sweater yesterday for your

spouse, but you found out it was the

wrong size. Ask the sales clerk if you can

exchange it for another size.

You need a telephone number for a restaurant.

Ask the telephone operator for the number.

You are at the supermarket and would

like the cashier to double bag your

groceries because a single bag breaks

too easily.

You see a strange person wandering

around your neighborhood. Call the police

and ask them to send someone to check

it out.

You are having a dinner party at your home. One

of your guests lights a cigarette. Ask him / her to

please go outside and smoke.

You are having a pot-luck dinner with

some friends. Ask if they can bring some

snacks and maybe a dessert.

The shower in your apartment is broken.

Ask your landlord if they can fix it

as soon as possible.

You'd like to open a bank account. Ask the

teller for help.

You'd like to close a bank account.

Ask the teller for help.

You missed school for a few days.

Ask your teacher for any missed assignments.

You are sick and need to take the day off from work.

Ask your boss if it is OK to stay home and rest.

You need to make a phone call, but you

don't have change for the pay phone.

Ask a passerby if they can break a dollar.

You have just finished eating at a restaurant, but

discovered that you have left your wallet at home.

Ask if you can call someone to help you.

You have just finished eating at a restaurant, but

discovered that you don't have any money. Call your

friend and ask them to come to the restaurant and

lend you some money.

You are traveling alone and would like

a stranger to take your picture.

You have a friend who lives in New York City.

Ask if you can visit for a few days.

Your friend is really good at cooking. Ask if he or she

can teach you how to cook something that will impress

your new date.

You'd like to take some days off from

work to go to a family reunion.

Ask your manager for some time off.

You are a teenager and want to borrow your

parents' car for the night.

You are a teenager and you think it is about time you

had your own car. Ask your parents to help you buy

a car.

You have to pay rent today, but you don't

have the money now. You will get paid

next week from your new job. Ask your

landlord for an extension.

You are unhappy with the service and food at

a restaurant. Ask to see the manager and insist

that they correct the situation.

You were over charged at the mechanics. Ask them to

re-check the bill and correct the mistake.

You are at a restaurant and have already

ordered your food. Most of it came,

but you are still waiting for the other

half of your order. Ask if it is coming.

You and your spouse would like to go out

for a movie. Ask a friend if he or she could

come over and baby-sit for a few hours.

You need a refill of your prescription. Ask if you can

request one over the phone, and if so, when will it be

ready for you to pick up.

You are going on vacation for one month.

Ask the post office if they can hold your

mail for you until you return.

You'd like to cancel your subscription to

a magazine. Call the customer service line.

You'd like to make a collect call. Ask the operator

for help.

You are at a restaurant. The food was

fantastic, but there was so much you

couldn't eat it all. Ask for a doggie

bag to take home.

You aren't going to be home and a really great

program is going to be on TV. Ask your

friend to record it for you.

You have just moved to a new house. Ask the power

company to turn on the power.

You are moving to a new apartment.

Ask the power company and the

phone company to cancel your service.

You have been invited to a party, but you do not

have a car. Ask your friend if he / she can

pick you up.

You are moving and need cardboard boxes. Ask the

supermarket if they can give you some clean, empty


You are a parent and your child is

having problems at school. Ask the

teacher if you can meet with him/her.

You want to get a driver's license. Ask a friend

if they can teach you how to drive and to let

you borrow their car for the test.

You are between apartments and need a place to stay

for 2 weeks before you can move into your new

place. Ask a friend if you can stay with them.

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