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Request Flash Cards

Cut out these flash cards and use along with Requests in Level 2 from the Study Guide. Works best with your students in pairs.

Student 1 reads the flash card changing it to the first person singular. Student 1 then explains to student 2 about the situation. Student 1 will also have to explain what Student 2's role is in this situation.

You'd like to rent a car. Ask if you can rent a sports car and drive from San Francisco to New York.

You are in a movie theater and the person behind you is talking on their cell phone.

Your friend is going to America. You would like your friend to bring back some wine from that area, and also a few books.

You need to borrow $2,000 from your friend. You won't be able to return the money until next year.

You get in a taxi and ask the driver to take you to your hotel and wait for about 10 minutes until you return. Then you want to go to the theater. You are at a train station in Germany and you can't understand the train schedules. Ask someone if they speak English, and ask about the train from Koln to Heidelberg.

You would like to borrow your friend's laptop computer for 2 days.

You are going to a party and need to borrow a suit to wear.

You call the radio station and ask the DJ to play a song for you. You want to dedicate it to your boyfriend/girlfriend.

You are out shopping and you find exactly what you were looking for. It is the last one too. You really want to buy it, but you have no money now. Ask the cashier to hold it until you return.
You are at a restaurant and would like another fork because you dropped yours on the floor. You are on vacation and you want to take a picture, but there are some people blocking the way. Ask them politely if they'd move while you take the picture.
You are in a cheap hotel in N.Y.C. and your room is dirty. You are angry and would like another room immediately. You need your friend with a car to help you move to a new apartment. Afterwards, you'd like to treat him/her to dinner to show your appreciation.
You are at a friend's house and would like:
  1. to use the phone
  2. to have a glass of water
  3. another slice of pizza

You are going on vacation and need someone to take care of your dog and houseplants. You'll be gone for about 3 weeks.

You'd like to book a hotel room for 5 people. The brochure says the room is for 4 people. Ask if it is OK to have 5. Ask about extra room fee, and if you can have a cot. The person sitting next to you in a restaurant is smoking in a non-smoking area. You are very angry, but you try to be firm but polite.

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