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The "good old team" from the golden period

The image below is from the Olympic Games in 1996 (the gold winners, of course!) the unique team that will never be forgotten (even though the "new" team can also win gold!). So, it's the good old gals on display here. Too many of the core players have stopped their career. Who is to blame? They themselves say that too many matches and bad planning create fatal injuries and that this is to blame for the sad development.

The players from 1996 will be presented below from left to right:

OL 96

  See also the team that won the Olympics in 2000 and who is now on the national team.

Bottom Row (from the left):
Active years
Debut on the national team

Susanne Munk Lauritsen 12/10-1996

93 - 98, Pre-OL, 2000

171 matches
3 goals

1987 (Goalkeeper) After a break due to maternity leave, she never was allowed back on the team again. Now she has quit handball alltogether but still works behind the lines for her club Viborg. Married to Ulrik Wilbek.
Merete Møller 7/5-1978 97 - ? 1996 I have the feeling she will not return? Many injuries has kept her away for a long time.
Lene Rantala 10/8-1968 94 - 1991 (Goalkeeper) Untill 2000 she was overshadowed by Susanne and Gitte (eg. did not get much time on court in Atlanta) but later she got to be our keeper number one. Left 2001. One of my real favourites! Plays for Larvik in Norway. Persuaded to return just one time for the EC in 2002.
Anja Andersen 5/2-1969 93 - 97 1989 Without her, there is no more golden days! But now trainer for Slagelse.
Have a look around my site for data about this all time favourite of mine, who made me interested in handball in the first place in 93, when she thundered across our tv screens and changed women's handball forever.
Janne Kolling 12/7-1968

93 - 98, 2000

250 matches
756 goals

1988 Had a period with injuries, returned for a while (just in time to get her second Olympic medal in Sydney) and has now quit. Works as assisting trainer for Anja Andersen's team Slagelse.
Anja Byrial Hansen 1/11-1973

93, 94, 96

88 matches
122 goals

1992 Found her boyfriend's football career in England to be more important, and followed him there when she got injuries..
Anne Dorthe Tanderup 6/2-1972

93, 94, 96, 97

88 matches
180 goals

1991 Left 1998 due to knee injuries. Now lives in Italy selling Scandinavian design.
Gitte Sunesen 11/12-1971 93 - 2000 1991 (Goalkeeper) Injury stopped this long term guardian of the goal. Still plays for GOG.
Top row:






Heidi Astrup 31/5-1972 94, 95, 96 1990 God knows why she left (after 99 nt matches) - the trainers still try to convince her to return. Played for Viborg handball club from the age of six to the age of 30, apart from a few months in a Japanese club.
Gitte Madsen 24/3-1969

93 - 97

120 matches
288 goals

1991 Left the nt for club handball, fearing more injuries. Had to stop two years later due to just that.
Camilla Andersen 5/7-1973 93 - 2000 1992 One of my favourites but not on the national team anylonger after the much media attention during the Olympics in Sydney.. Learn more about Camilla here. Now playing for Slagelse.
Conny Hamann 16/9-1969

93 - 96

70 matches
158 goals

1989 Left the national team for the sake of motherhood. Played in Germany for a while, later back playing for GOG.
Tonje Kjærgaard 11/6-1975 94 - 2000 1994 Left after Sydney 2000. Still plays for Ikast/Bording, strong as always and a real fighter. Awesome pivot - and the best!
Marianne Florman 1/6-1964 93 - 96 1990 Being made redundant by Ulrik, she later wrote books, lectured and once worked as a speaker on the tv sports news. Quit handball for motherhood.
Anette Hoffmann 5/5 1971

93 - 98, 2000


1990 A short break due to an injury, back for a while, never was better and won Olympic gold once more in Sydney, just to quit afterwards - a big loss. Works with children.
Tina Bøttzau 29/8-1971 93 - 97, 2000 1990 Lost interest for the national team for a while, back for while just to get her second Olympic medal in Sydney, then stopped along with seven others shortly after. Teacher.

You can find more details on these players on my site.
 Let's go on to have a look at the new team - fairly unknown, but the stars of tomorrow have begun to rise.

The team of today (and their substitutes) and their data.
The many players who quit after the Olympics in Sydney 2000 - which stripped the team of the last of the "veterans" and star players, leaving only Lene Rantala - for a while.. Now she is gone as well.



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