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Oct. 2000

The national team falls to pieces after the Olympics 2000

Just as the national team had gone through a miraculous transformation during the Olympics 2000, had made the young players find their right position on the team and won back the Olympic gold for the second time... this catastrophe happened. Two weeks after the Olympics finished, the team imploded and a heap of both young and old star players, who had never played better in their lives suddenly called it quits (see the news page). A few of the players had been expected to do so because of age and many injuries, but others who surprisingly also headed with the crowd out the door left the Danish handball lovers in shock. See who the players are, who decided to quit the national team, by moving the cursor over the image.. Not a smart way to make a transformation of a team just before an European Championship. Many of these players could easily have continued and their decisions are not easy to accept for us spectators, but of course the individual choices of our favourites should be accepted. In a way it is better to get the transformation done in one go, letting the younger forces get all the space and leave when all your friends through the years do the same. Better retire while the team is on the top.Only some players are leaving a "maybe some day" backdoor open, but as the time passes the majority seems to enjoy their freedom too much to return. Only Katrine Fruelund has changed her mind and has now regained her motivation to join again. Read the profiles of young and old players and keep an eye on the news.


The Olympic winners - and the national team shortly after!


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