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The team

A quick overview of the most recent player list, where you have to take into consideration the many alterations that happen all the time (which I may not have noticed). Number of matches/goals not regularly updated. This list was last updated in November 2008.
Those marked with red are injured at the moment.


No. Name D.O.B. Position Club Matches/goals
  Gitte Aaen 07.11.81 Left wing Viborg HK 17/37
  Berit Kristensen 02.08.83   Randers HK 28/47
  Anette Bonde Christensen 02.03.82 Right back Randers HK 55/92
  Bente Højmark Andersen 22.05.81   KIF Vejen 13/0
  Ann Grete Nørgaard 15.09.83   Randers HK 21/78
  Camilla Dalby 15.05.88 Right back Randers HK 14/31
  Christina Pedersen 15.12.82 Goalkeeper FCK Håndbold 27/0
6 Mette Sjøberg 19.04.82 Playmaker Ikast-Brande EH 80/250
  Henriette Rønde Mikkelsen 21.09.80 Left wing Viborg HK 71/314
8 Louise Mortensen 11.12.79 Left wing Aalborg DH 62/118
21 Josephine Touray 06.10.79 Right wing SK Aarhus 115/360
12 Karin Mortensen 26.09.77 Goalkeeper SK Aarhus 147/4
  Kamilla Kristensen 02.09.83 Center GOG 40/81
  Kristina Bille 03.04.86   Aalborg DH 53/83
  Lene Lund Nielsen 08.06.79 Center Viborg HK 76/122
  Christina Krogshede 04.11.81   Randers HK 19/37
Line Jørgensen 31.12.89 Right back GOG 15/47
  Louise Svalastog 01.10.82 Center KIF Vejen 19/27
  Maibritt Kviesgaard 15.05.86 Right wing GOG 22/56
  Malene Dalgaard 28.01.84   Ikast-Brande 21/43
  Susan Thorsgaard 13.10.88 Center Ikast-Brande EH 8/10
  Nikoline Nielsen 03.10.87 Left back GOG
  Rikke Skov 07.09.80


Viborg HK
19 Trine Troelsen 02.05.85 Back SK Århus
  Katrine Fruelund        

Coach:Jan Pytlick
Ass. coach: Kim Jensen.

Do you wish to see photos of the players, look at the player list at DHF, portraits.
Keep yourself updated in the news section.

If you go my the results page, you can check out who participated in previous Championships.

If you are not from around here, or very interested in such details, the names of the players will most likely have escaped your memory (if you can pronounce them at all). Perhaps you miss the mega-stars like Anja Andersen, Heidi Astrup or Susanne Munk Lauritsen from the "Golden Days", where the girls won every medal and every heart that could be won. That we can call the "good old team" - which culminated with the gold medals at the Olympics in Atlanta in 96. I'll take you back for a brush-up of the team members just then. More details of ex-players you can find here. If you are looking for facts about Camilla Andersen or Anja Andersen, that is available too.


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