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Danish Handball Clubs

The Danish Handball Federation

DIF Danish Sports Federation

Haandboldligaen (League results and team+player info)

Viborg Handball Club

Aalborg DH

FCK Handball



Frederikshavn F.I.

Kolding IF






Yahoo list of clubs

Jubii Handball guide

Team Danmark


Sites about individual players

My old theme about Camilla and about Mia. Not being updated

Marianne Florman Gives lectures

Private fansite about Line Daugaard

Eva's håndboldside (Norwegian) Private homepage. Also in English


Sports news

Denmarks Radio TV

Sporten TV2 TV

Ekstrabladet Tabloid

B.T. Tabloid

Berlingske Tidende Newspaper

Politiken Newspaper

Jyllandsposten Newspaper

Haandboldligaen League teams, results, profiles

Sportenkort Sportsnews in Danish

CNN Denmark

Yahoo sportsnews

Olympic Games in Athens 2004 Oympic Games in Sydney 2000

BBC Sport

Sports Illustrated US centered

BBC's Olympic site


Washington Post about our Olympic victory in 1996


World Championship 2003

Official WC site Croatia In German and English


Previous Championships

European Championship 2002

The EC 2002 site Swedish paper
In German and English

My EC theme



European Championship 2000

Norwegian Dagbladet

Norwegian Verdens Gang

My EC theme

World Championship 99

Norwegian VG site

Norwegian Dagbladet


International Handball Federations

The European Handball Federation EHF

The International Handball Federation

Greenland's Handball Federation Nunaanni Assammik Arsartuartut Kattuffiat

Iceland's Handball Federation

The Swedish Handball Federation

The Norwegian Handball Federation

The Finnish Handball Federation

Deutsche Handball Bund

Hungarian Handball Federation

La Federation Francaise de Handball

The Dutch Handball Federation

The Spanish Handball Federation

Switzerland's Handball Federation

Canadian Handball Federation

The Brazilian Handball Federation

The Asian Handball Federation


Other international sites

Svenske håndboldsider Swedish

Handball links Finnish link page

Handboll Swedish

Krog's world of handball Australia

Australian club The Vikings

The Australian Handball Web

Australian Sport

The Handball Oasis

Other Handball Webs French


Japan's Handball League

Greek Handball

USA team handball

The Spanish League

Handball Net

Teamhandball news

The Hungarian national team

Ferencvárosi TC Team from Hungary

Dunaferr KC Another wellknown Hungarian team

Kometalfans Kometal Gjorche Petrov from Macedonia

Yahoo Team Handball search - The Handball Search :

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Anja Andersen was nominated player of the year 1997 by a vote arranged by the World Handball Magazine. Following years, Tonje Kjærgaard and Camilla later only got second places, much to our regret.
IHF Here you can find the World Handball Magazine.

Previous World Handball Players:
- 88: Svetlana Kitic (Yug)
- 89: Hyun-Mee Kim (Kor)
- 90: J. Kolar (Aut)
- 91-93: No vote
- 94: Mia Hermansson (Swe)
- 95: E. Koszis (Hun)
- 96: O-Kyeong Lim (Kor)
- 97: Anja Andersen (Den)
- 98: Trina Haltvik (Nor)
- 99: Ausra Fridrikas (Aut)
- 00: Bojana Radulovic (Hun)
- 01: Cecilie Leganger (No)
- 02: Chao Zhai (China)
- 03: Radulovics (Hungary)


NBA The American National Basketball Association. It was Anja's dream to make Scandinavian handball as popular as professional basketball is in the States. She takes many of her tricks from this sport and her big idol is a certain Michael Jordan.

Washington Post about our Olympic victory in 1996

Washington Post Team handball theme


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