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Latest news about the Danish national team in women's handball:


GF World Cup 08

14.10 DK - Russia 32-27
15.10 DK - France 31-21
16.10 DK - Hungary 36-33
18.10 Semifinals DK - Germany 35-32
19.10 Finals DK - Norway 18-30

Even though expectations were not hight, it has been interesting to watch a whole new kind of optimism created by the influx of very young players from the successfull Youth-team, eg. 19 year old Lærke Møller from Aalborg. Others are Susan Thorsgaard frin Ikast/Brande, Mie Augustesen and Camilla Dalby from Randers. The youth team is used to winning and could only be intimidated by the winner of the Cup, Norway. During the match against Germany, we experienced the former optimism and joy from the older days - well, at least for 20 minutes. But it proves that the team, regrouping once more, may have found a better material than what has been available for the last couple of years.

The "old" players are back: Josephine Touray (recovered from her injury) and Henriette Mikkelsen (recovered from having a baby). And we still rely on the usual stars Karin Mortensen and Rikke Skov as well.

The team for GF World Cup:
Karin Mortensen SK Aarhus
Christina Pedersen FCK Håndbold
Henriette Mikkelsen Viborg HK
Mie Augustesen Randers HK
Gitte Aaen Viborg HK
Rikke Skov Viborg HK
Trine Troelsen SK Aarhus
Mette Sjøberg Ikast/Brande EH
Lærke Møller Aalborg DH
Lotte Grigel Team Esbjerg
Camilla Dalby Randers HK
Louise Mortensen Aalborg DH
Josephine Touray SK Aarhus
Majbritt Kviesgaard GOG
Lene Lund Nielsen Viborg HK
Kamilla Kristensen GOG
Susan Thorsgaard Ikast/Brande EH

All-star team, Danish members: Henriette Mikkelsen og Touray.

Compare to the GHF World Cup last year, as below.


GHF World Cup - Denmark lost bronze match against Norway

Russia won the cup. The most noticable fact was the many new young players on the list. Jan Pytlick claims that he looks forward to developing these promising players, who will be the back bone of the future team.

Christina Pedersen, født 15.12.82, FCK Håndbold
Karin Mortensen, 26.09.77, SK Aarhus
Gitte Brøgger Led, 21.09.83, SK Aarhus
Line Jørgensen, 31.12.89, BK Ydun
Nikoline Nielsen, 03.10.87, GOG
Mie Augustesen, 19.07.88, Randers HK
Mette Sjøberg, 19.04.82, FCK Håndbold
Camilla Dalby, 15.05.88, Randers HK
Louise Mortensen, 11.12.79, Aalborg DH
Rikke Skov, 07.09.80, Viborg HK
Louise Lyksborg, 17.01.88, FCK Håndbold
Anette Bonde Christensen, 02.03.82, Randers HK
Lene Lund Nielsen, 08.06.79, Viborg HK
Berit Kristensen, 02.08.83, Randers HK
Mia Falk, 16.04.84, FCK Håndbold
Ann Grete Nørgaard, 15.09.83, Randers HK
Kamilla Kristensen, 02.09.83, GOG
Josephine Touray, 06.10.79, FCK Håndbold
Trine Troelsen, 02.05.85, SK Aarhus

Denmark - Brazil: 29-24 (17-14)
Denmark - Russia: 22-22 (11-11)
Denmark - Ukraine: 31-25 (14-11)

Semifinals: Denmark -France: 23-25 (10-11)
Bronze match: Denmark - Norway: 28-30 (16-16)

4-nation tournament

Denmark - Serbia: 33-25 (18-11)
Rikke Skov 6, Ann Grete Nørgaard 6, Mette Sjøberg 5, Maibritt Kviesgard 3, Kamilla Kristensen 3, Berit Kristensen 2, Lene Lund Nielsen 2, Anette Bonde 2, Louise Mortensen 2, Gitte Brøgger Led 1, Trine Troelsen 1.

Denmark - Holland: 35-20 (15-10)
Maibritt Kviesgaard 6, Malene Dahlgaard 5, Rikke Skov 5, Louise Svalastog 4, Lene Lund Nielsen 4, Anette Bonde 4, Ann Grete Nørgaard 3, Berit Kristensen 2, Louise Mortensen 1, Gitte Brøgger Led 1.

Danish A team - Danish Y team: 31-21 (13-11)
Kamilla Kristensen 7, Rikke Skov 7, Mette Sjøberg 4, Louise Mortensen 3, Malene Dalgaard 3, Anette Bonde 3, Ann Grete Nørgaard 2, Lene Lund Nielsen 1, Kristina Bille 1

Møbelringen Cup, Norway

Denmark - Russia: 25-24 (12-6)
Ann Grete Nørgaard 6, Maibritt Kviesgaard 4, Mette Sjøberg 4, Rikke Skov 3, Kamilla Kristensen 2, Line Jørgensen 2, Gitte Aaen 1, Louise Mortensen 1, Lene Lund Nielsen 1, Kristina Bille 1.

Norway - Denmark: 34-20 (18-11)
Rikke Skov 6, Line Jørgensen 5, Mette Sjøberg 2, Ann Grete Nørgaard 2, Mia Falk 1, Gitte Aaen 1, Louise Mortensen 1, Lene Lund Nielsen 1, Kristina Bille 1.

Angola - Denmark: 25-31 (10-16)
Mette Sjøberg 9, Anette Bonde Christensen 8, Kamilla Kristensen 4, Gitte Aaen 3, Ann Grete Nørgaard 3, Kristina Bille 2, Maibritt Kviesgaard 2

National matches against China

There were three of them and the results were as follows:

41-19 (21-12)
27-24 (14-13)
26-24 (12-14)

[January 2007]

Players make Lyngholm resign

National coach Brian Lyngholm has been made to resign after complaints by the players (he quit before he received his formal resignation). The members of the team do not say much to the press about their meeting, but it is said that they have "lost confidence" in their new coach after the defeat in the EC - maybe because his management style was too strict and in opposition to the players' idea of democratic management. As the team needs stability during the important qualification matches. It very likely that the previous successfull trainer Jan Pytlick will agree to take over during the important qualification matches. What will happen next nobody knows. No big names stand out as natural heirs to the throne. Lyngholm was given the job in February 2006 and was at that time a popular choice amongst the players. He had his chance with 18 national matches before his resignation. He is on leave from his job as an accountant. Earlier, he was a.o. trainer for Viborg 92-94, assisting national team trainer 1995, training Virum 95-97 and 99-2001 and assisting trainer for Slagelse 2003-5.

[December 2006]

European Championship 2006 in Sweden

Group A Group B Group C Group D

















(if you are looking for a more thorough theme site, you will have to wait for a while, as your editor is ill - well, there are not that many good news to write about, so maybe that is not a loss). A Danish overview of the programme and results, the Danish theme page.

Denmark now has to qualify for the coming championships and the Olympics. The opponent is Hungary.

Has Lyngholm done his job good enough? Why is he so stubborn with his placement of players, when they simply are not fit enough for their positions? Why the constant change of players and the confusion - no plan or concept? Left back belongs to Rikke Skov, but she was blindly placed in the opposite position, where no one else can play as long as Touray is missing. Sjøberg is useless as playmaker. No one wants to be a leading player and take responsability. Mother is not playing on your team.

Kroata - Denmark: 26-22 Meaning place. Simply embarrasing

Sweden - Denmark: 27-22. No words to waste here. Miserable beyond compare.

Denmark-Spain: 27-24
A great relief on the strained nerves to prove, that all the preparations worked. Great play, esp. in the first half. The team has a rotation principle with the goalkeepers, meaning that this time, Mortensen was out and Rikke Schmidt was in. It worked really well. First half we got ahead with five goals, whereas the second half was more equal in spite of hard play. Few technical errors.

Denmark - The Nederlands: 30-23
A lot better, when the opponent is no longer scary.

Denmark - France: 20-24 (10-8)
Only players alive and thinking were Katrine Fruelund and keeper Louise Bager. First half was acceptable - France did not play in any unexpected way - but the second half, all grew into zombies, all afraid to shoot and if trying, missing most. New coach Brian Lyngholm did a bad job, as he refrained from doing an important change of players in the second half, where only a very tired Fruelund tried to do what the rest did not want to, namely score.

Rikke Nielsen injured, so against the Nederlands we will se the marginal player Trine Troelsen.

[November 2006]

GF World Cup 06

The tournament has two groups:
A Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Rumania.
B: Ukraine, Russia, the Nederlands and Brazil.

Denmark - Sweden: 33-27 (17-14).
An acceptable first match for the Danish team, still "under construction". Anette Bonde worked hard for a position on right back and Karin Mortensen seemed to win her EC ticket. My personal favourite, the tough blonde Rikke Skov, was also showing her worth, making many assists and five goals of her own while comanding her troups in the defense. Henriette Mikkelsen was topscorer with 7 goals. By the way, Trine Jensen is back after a long break.

Denmark-Poland: 28-25 (15-15)
Just too bad a performance to waste words on.But we go on to the semi-finals in this small tournament. It shows that many of the new players simply do not get enough active time on their league teams, due to too many foreign players. Unfortunately, there is not better material to work with.

Denmark - Rumania: 24-25 (13-13). Problems with the attack and especially with the right wing. Experiments are made. We still wait for Touray to get well, as the team cannot replace her on the wing.

Denmark - Russia: 28-32 (14-17). So close, and yet the strength ran out in the end. Very positive match in spite of losing touch in the end, in fact the best match played for a long time. Henriette Mikkelsen made a fantastic score of 14 goals (a record)! It worked fine with Skov on the right wing, Fruelund as playmaker and Lene Thomsen left back.

Denmark - Ukraine (bronze match): 24-20 (15-7)
First half: The Ukrainians are humiliated, esp. their goalkeeper, who takes zero and her Danish collegue taking 77%. Second half, the tide turns, the Danish coach starts his experiments and we get embarrasing. Long story made short! You do get dizzy with such sharp turns from very bad to good.

Finals: Russia - Rumania

Latest news about Anja's battle with the Danish Handball Federation: The parties have reached an agreement, leaving Slagelse as a sort of winner. DHF suddenly regret their actions, wanting to cooperate with Anja in the future. Their legal rules have been changed, so that similar things cannot happen in the future. That also means that Anja no longer threatens with leaving Danish handball. See also previous articles for background information. DHF will not be taken to court.

4-nation tournament

France-Denmark 18-20. Topscorers Henriette Mikkelsen 5, Lene Lund Nielsen 5
Denmark-Norway 22-26. Topscorers Henriette Mikkelsen 8, Katrine Fruelund 4
Denmark-Germany 23-31. Topscorers Malene Dalgaard 5, Katrine Fruelund 4, Anette Bonde Nielsen 4


Roskilde will become Anja's next project after Slagelse

Anja has formed a new company in Roskilde called Roskilde DT A/S, with herself in the board and as chairman. She brings to the board also Brian Mollerup from Slagelse as well as her mother Vivi (previous player and coach). The managing director is from Roskilde Handball. In ten months time, Anja's contract with Slagelse ends. Many see her new attempt to form a co-operation with Roskilde as the start of a new project: Building up Roskilde Handball the way she did so succesfully with Slagelse. And our team can need some assistance, as they just "slipped down" into 2. division. In spring, Anja tried to make an exchange plan between Slagelse and Roskilde, which DHF stopped.

Roskilde has in a way sold their two first-teams to Anja, giving up all influence and economical connections. This is done because the team would otherwise go bankrupt. Anja wishes to buy Slagelse's league license, as most of Slagelse's players will follow Anja to Roskilde as well as the major sponsors (so what use will poor Slagelse have of it?) Slagelse still holds on to the license, though - just in case.

Anja wants to have a break from her other job as trainer for Serbia's national team, which she has now guided through the qualifying matches to EC. She may return next year, but nothing is certain. On the DHF battleground, her wishes for making peace has been accepted and further negotiations will go on, stopping further legal charges.

GF World Cup

GF World Cup tournament will take place in Århus from 14.-19. November. It contains eight teams and two groups:

A: Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Rumania.

B: Ukraine, Russia, the Nederlands and Brazil.

Junckers Scandinavian Open 2006

Denmark-Sweden: 23-25 (11-14) Top scorer: Katrine Fruelund, 5
Nederlands-Denmark: 18-40 (12-20) Top scorers: Louise Mortensen and J. Touray, 7.

Rikke Skov, Brødsgaard and Lise Knudsen stayed home with minor injuries. With the many new and unexperienced players on the team, he hopes to experiment with new ways to vary the play of the wings. Just as Pytlick before him, Lyngholm is worried about how little time the young get to play actual matches in the league, due to the many "imported" top players. The league teams also fight to keep their players away from the national team, as they will not spare them for the national matches and training sessions. Lyngholm is also worried about the tough programme with tournaments and championships.

[July 2006]

New handball structure with or without Anja Andersen

Even if Anja Andersens league plans are put on hold for now, she has not heard the last word from Carsten Thybo, the new chairman of DHF. Soon he will contact her in order to include the Slagelse coach in the planning of a new handball structure. It is to be negotiated on a meeting between DHF and the Division (forening) in August.

But according to an article in JyllandsPosten, she is not likely to be interested. She already has her own plans (what will she do when she leaves Slagelse in a year?). She will wait until the structure plans are revealed untill she tells us of her own plans, Slagelse's communication manager says. The results will decide her future in Danish handball, as she expects real results and not just words. He insists, that Anja is not bitter about the ruin of her league plans. Only, she does not forget that the people behind the coming changes are also the very same who gave her the very long quaranteen and who in her opinion make barriers to any development in Danish handball. It was even Thybo who internally in DHF demanded her quaranteen to be extended even more internationally after the episode in Aalborg in March. She is not likely to forget that, when he contacts her, so my guess is that she will still rather beat them than join them.

[June 2006]

League plans are dead

Surprisingly, Anja's negotiations with TV3 did not give any results and therefore her league plans must be shelved.

TV 3 and TV2 have instead made a deal lasting a year, which gives TV3 the rights to broadcast 48 Danish Super League matches per season (which was otherwise TV2's contract monopoly). That means 26 matches from the men's league and 22 from the women's. However, they still want Anja to play a part in it all, but she is not interested initially, which is understandable. TV3 have had negotiations both with Anja and TV2. TV2 pays 50 mio. DKK to help the Danish Handball Federation develop the "handball product". For example TV 2 will show a weekly handball programme and print a handball magazine. They thank Anja for pushing the development, "that was already under way", but will not give her the entire credit.

It means that some clubs will get more broadcast time than others, the better the more matches and thus the more money earned. The lesser teams will be the losers in an increasingly commercialised businees atmosphere.

Anja plans a pirate league in negotiations with TV3

Anja has had a dream for a long time - a dream that started watching an American basketball match and ended with plans for making her own alternative league, which she is now negotiating with TV3 to become reality. She feels that the sport is declining and that the established systems are to blame for not developing it towards more professionalism, entertainment and media coverage.

Anja wants to make a private league with 13 teams. Eight from Denmark and five from Europe. It is divided into a Danish league DPHL and a European EPHL with corresponding tournaments ending in a common endgame with the best teams. There will also be a talent development league. These leagues will be outside the system of the Danish Handball Federation and EHF, which they are not happy about.

She got the idea ten years ago when she visited Chicago to watch an NBA basketball match. She fell for the show, the acceptance of outbursts of feelings and the entire US. structure in basketball, which gathers the best teams in a league, pay high wages and have forward-looking rules. This she wants to introduce in Europe as well, and now she has gained enough knowlege to try it out. She feels that DHF has stalled and will not listen to her ideas.This will be her last attempt to change Danish handball.

The negative part is the league will threaten the national team, which may not be allowed to use the players for tournaments, championships etc. Anja feels that the national team ruins the players with too many matches, resulting in injuries and a short career. Therefore she also wants to hire league doctors to check the health of each player before a match, so that the power will be returned to the players themselves.

But there are still a few obstacles to take care of:

  • The league can only become reality if Anja can get a deal with a tv station other than the one which has monopoly on handball matches now and for the coming five years, TV2. She is therefore having talks with TV3, which promises to put more money towards the development. Her dream for the future is to make international tv interested in handball and thus compete with football when it concerns sponsor money. Handball must be more entertaining and commercial.
  • So far she has not found enough Danish clubs that wants to be part of her league, perhaps only four, namely Slagelse, Aalborg DH and FCK handball.

[April 2006]

Anja Andersen's penalty has been reduced from one year to six months. It means that Anja can coach Slagelse during the next season, but the question is, if she wants to. Slagelse will not give up but appeals the case to the civil courts. In addition, Slagelse has many financial problems, partly due to this penalty.

Two friendship matches against Russia were to be Brian Lyngholms first trial as trainer. The first match was very positive with a speedy and selfassure team winning 36-29 over the World Champions. During the next match, the easy play was transformed into fatigue and too many errors, showing that the team has too many new players to be a unity to fear. The match ended 24-32 (14-12). Brian Lyngholm still has a lot to work with in order to reach his goal: Medals at the Olympics in 2008, the very year his contract ends.

[March 2006]

Anja expelled from handball for a year and may stop coaching Slagelse before time

A big so-called scandal has occured during a Slagelse match against Aalborg, where Anja, in protest of bad referees, left for a short period of time with her team in order to have a chat about the situation, only to return four minutes later. She was expelled with a red card, also for grabbing hold of one of the referees, but remained behind the bench. anja andersen as player

Aalborg won the match with 40-26, and it was Slagelse's first defeat in the league this season.

In a later press conference, Anja chose to stop working for the league team in Slagelse next season. From now on she wouldl only train the team for Champions League, she said. However, she did give an aplogy to the press, but feels that this is a personal vendetta. She said that she had long considered to stop at this point. Others think, that she made her decision in order to get ahead of the Danish handball authorities. Anja was suspended untill the Danish Handball Federation agreed on a punishment.

But I guess she did not predict, that their punishment would be so hard: One year of suspension from participation in Danish matches plus a club fine at 100,000 Dkk. DHF would like to extend the suspension also to include foreign matches, which will be the decision of IHF. Why this incident has ended with such rage and such a high punishment is beyond me. It is no secret that the Danish Handball Federation and Anja Andersen have never been on the closest of terms and this smells like some sort of stemmed up need for revenge. Other commentators have stated that the management of Slagelse should have stood behind her and helped her out, when in fact they did not and left Anja as the sole front figure to be shot at. Maybe this can stop her plans of leading Slagelse in Champions League and becoming the national coach of Serbia Montenegro. Several top players have said, that they will stop playing for Slagelse when Anja is no longer their trainer, amongst others Bojana Popovic and Cecilie Leganger. Popovic will taker over Anja's role in the next match.

Roskilde Handball and their sponsors are still positive about the cooperation with Anja. Also a Norwegian team has shown an interest in getting Anja to the country.

Slagelse lost the quarterfinals in Champions League 24 - 30 against Viborg, maybe because Anja could not guide them tactically from the bench. The club has won the previous two Champions League tournaments, but now the club must concentrate on the Danish Championship - a title they have not usually valued very highly.

[January 2006]

New trainer for the national team

It was no big surprise that Jan Pytlick's job now goes to Brian Lyngholm. The 42 years old Economical Manager has previously been assisting trainer for Slagelse and trainer for Viborg and Virum. Lyngholm has also assisted UlrikWilbek in 1995. His contract runs untill the end of the Olympics in 2008. The new trainer is known to have good tactical skills and has a close contact with the national league clubs.

Lotte Kiærskou is returning to the world of handball again after her maternity leave. Not as a player but as trainer for Randers. Katrine Fruelund will return to Denmark after her time in Leipzig and join Randers.


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