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The Olympic Games in Atlanta 1996

The results

Host country: The United States of America

The Danish Team meets:
No. Teams playing Result Most goals made by
1. Denmark - USA 29-19

Anja Andersen (8)
2. Denmark - China 33-21

Gitte Madsen (7)
3. Denmark - Hungary 27-22

Camilla Andersen (7)
4. Denmark - Norway 23-19

Anja Andersen (9)
5. Denmark - South Korea 37-33

Anja Andersen (11)
The finals was a nightmare: after prolonged time and biting of nails, Anja missed the decisive penalty shot a few minutes before ordinary time was over. But...then the whirlwind started and the result: The greatest victory ever - and worth all the years of training and all troubles encountered and overcome along the way to the top! Perhaps it was not the sport that most people around the world followed on the screen, but for the Danes, it was a national miracle. The match is still considered the best played in women's team handball ever!


Gold: Denmark
Silver: South Korea
Bronze: Hungary
4. Norway
5. China
6. Germany
7. Angola
8. USA


The Danish team consists of:

Anja Andersen, Camilla Andersen, Heidi Astrup, Tina Bøttzau, Marianne Florman, Anja Byrial Hansen, Anette Hoffmann, Tonje Kjærgaard, Janne Kolling, Susanne Munk Lauritsen (keeper),  Lene Rantala (keeper), Anne Dorthe Tanderup, Conny Hamann, Gitte Madsen, Gitte Sunesen. On the bench: Kristine Andersen.

Coach: Ulrik Wilbek

Olympic gold winners 96

Get help with the names if you can't remember who is who.

Read the story sent to me by Carlo Rodota, who saw some of the matches.

All-Star Team

Anja Andersen (Denmark)
Kjersti Grini (Norway)
Jeong-Ho Kong (Korea)
Eun-Mi Kim (Korea)
Erzsebet Kocsis (Hungary)
Susanne Munk Lauritsen
O-Kyeong Lim (Korea)

Efficiency of attack

1. Korea 60,5%
2. Denmark 59,4%
3. Hungary 58,9%
4. Norway 56,3%
5. Germany 54,7%

Best scorers

1. O-Kyeong Lim (Kor) 41/24
2. Kjersti Grini (Nor) 39/18
3. Eszter Matefi (Hun) 35/18
4. Anja Andersen (Den) 33/11
5. Wei Shi (Chn) 31/6
12. Camilla Andersen (Den)20/11

Group A

Hungaru-China: 29-19
Denmark-USA: 29-19
China-Denmark: 21-33
USA-Hungary: 24-30
Hungary-Denmark: 22-27
China-USA: 31-21


Group B

Norway-Angola: 30-18
Korea-Germany: 33-20
Angola-Korea: 19-25
Germany-Norway: 23-28
Germany-Angola: 27-12
Korea-Norway: 25-21

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