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SORRY!!! I know it's been infinity since there'd been any updates here. Also, my email was deactvated because I was unable to log on for forever. But, I promise there'll be more improvements and maybe I can answer emails this time.

Hello people!!! I am your guide, Tochi, and WELCOME!!! to the wonderful world of good looking guys- what else but RUROUNI KENSHIN.

Here you'll see all of RK's gorgeus guys. Well, most of 'em. From those "oh! save me" good guys to those "Please capture me" bad guys...Rurouni Kenshin's got it all.

Pick your even get to vote- that's if u want to. Since, this poll has been on  forever, I'll be kinder and just make this an optional poll (well, ofcourse every poll IS optional). Whoever wins gets the title of Rurouni Kenshin Ultimate Hunk. Every guy in RK is eligable to enter. There are several ways to vote= 1. email me 2. post a message on my message board 3. give me an Instant Message every time I'm online, even every time I'm not. The message board and the messenger icon can be found at the bottom of this page.

But anyway, here are some guys that might qualify. If u don't see your favorite guy-
e-mail me and I'd be happy to dedeicate a page for 'em. And if u got anything else to say, be happy to email me too. :)

Familiar site? This is the same site as Rurouni Kenshin hunks. I got tired of the old title

Kenshin Himura
Soujiro Seta
Sanosuke Sagara
Hiko Seijuro Aoshi Shinomori
Souzu Sagara
Enishi Yukishiro
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