Souzu Sagara

Souzu is about 20 years old or so and he is the leader of the Sekiho Tai. He took care of two young boys, Sano and Katsuhiro. He was a very kind leader and a skilled fighter.

The Ishin Government used the Sekiho Tai to spread lies that made the group look bad in people's eyes so that they (the government) inturn would gain the trust of the people. When they couldn't continue their scheme, they decided to get rid of the group that once supported them in the revolution.

  The Sekiho Tai was ambushed because one of the members of the Sekiho Tai turned them in. Souzu died in the ambush and to make matters worse, his head was shown to the public as a warning to other rebel groups.

Isn't it just sad. At the time of the ambush, he just felt so betrayed. He died in vain, but a hero in Sano's eyes (and in mine).

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