Sanosuke Sagara

Age-            19
Birthday-     Feb. 1860
Height-        179cm (about 6 feet)
Weight-       71kg (165lbs.)
Bloodtype-   B
Weapon-      Zanbatou
Hobbies-     drinking, gambling

His Past When he was a child, he joined a civilian army called the Sekiho Tai. The leader of the army, Souzu Sagara took care of Sano and another boy , Katsuhiro. Sano  idolized Capt. Sagara and took his last name as his own.

     When he was about 10, the Sekiho Tai was ambushed, killing most of it's members. Sano and his wounded Captain escaped but they were soon found. To save Sano, Capt. Sagara pushed him over a cliff and as Sano plumited to the river below, he saw his dear Captain being shot to death.

     After a while little Sano saw Capt. Sagara's head on a table shown in a plaza as a warning to other 'rebelious' groups. He then swore for revenge and became rebelious, fighting anyone for money and drinking and gambling all the time.

      Until he met Kenshin whom he fought with using a huge sword called the Zanbatou. He lost ofcourse, but he kinda found a new lead in life and decided to join Kenshin, Kaoru and Yahiko at the Kamiya dojo.

    Now, in my opinion, this guy just KICK BUTT.  He's one of my ultimate favorite characters. He's not just your average side-kick. He's a pretty good friend and has a very humorous character. Sano is just plain cool.
       His weakness? Cameras. He thinks cameras captures people's souls. But it's
okay. That's one trait you just gotta love.

If you wanna know more about Sano, take a look at my image gallery. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. ( in Sano's case,it's more than words)


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