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Hitokiri Battousai
Name-         Shinta(renamed as Kenshin)

Age-            14-18
(during Bakumatsu)

Birthday-    June 1849

Height-        158cm

Weight-        48 kg

Bloodtype-   AB

Hobbies-       ???

   His parents died in a Cholera break-out and he was bought by some merchants. While traveling, they were attacked by a group of men, killing the merchants. Hiko Seijuro arrives and saves Shinta and renames him as Kenshin and took him as his student. Hiko teaches Kenshin the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu. Kenshin then grows aware of the sufferings of people during the war and decides to leave and help the innocent.

Regretfully, he ends up an assasin for the Ishinshisi (oops spelling check please) and has earned the name Hitokiri Battousai due to his incomparable sword skills. While fulfilling a mission, he got the first scar of his cross and it never stopped bleeding.

    He met a girl named Tomoe at a bar while saving her from some Shinsen gumi members. She fainted and he took her in. Later they moved and lived together as husband and wife. They shared their love together but Kenshin ends up killing her and there he earns his second scar.
Aint it just sad? I know, I summarize terribly, just watch the ova and maybe impart some info to me coz I've only watched the act 1 and 2 of it. And none of the movies. Now I sound pathetic.
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