Kenshin Himura

Age-              28
Birthday-      June 1849
Height-         158cm
Weight-         48kg
Bloodtype-    AB
Weapon-       Sakabatou 
Hobbies-       cooking, doing laundry, babysitting
                     (He's good at it)       

    Kenshin is a rurouni(wanderer), going about helping people to atone for his killings at the past. He kept on being a wanderer until he met Kaoru who accepted him in her dojo.

     In the dojo, he cooks, does laundry and babysits two little girls. (boy, he'd make a perfect husband if you're like Kaoru) In my opinion, he'd be fun to have around during a crisis or in a rainy day.He looks kind hearted, but then... Why the heck does it matter, he's kind now ^_^

      If you want to know about this 'perfect guy's' past, look at

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