Aoshi Shinomori
Age-                   26

Birthday-           January 1853

Height-              182 cm

Weight-              72 kg

Bloodtype-        A

Weapon-            2 kodachi
   He became the leader of the Onmitsu Oniwabanshu at the age of 15 when the former Okashira died. He promised to mantain the honor of the Oniwabanshu and took care of his predessor's grandaughter, Misao. He raised her and trained her with the help of the other Oniwabanshu. But when the Oniwabanshu was disbanded, he took a job to go around and work as body guards with the Tokyo Oniwabanshu, Hannya, Beshimi, Shiki-jou and Hyottoko.

      He got involved with an opium dealer who forced a young lady, Megumi to make opium for them. The opium dealer did not like the Oniwabanshu since they would only follow Aoshi's orders. Megumi got away and met Kenshin and Sano while gambling. They saved her and took her in their Dojo.

     When the Oniwabanshu got hold of her, Kenshin and the others came to rescue her from them. Aoshi fought with Kenshin for the tiltle of the best fighter and for the honor of the Oniwabanshu but he lost.

     The opium dealer got mad and started shooting at Aoshi. the other Oniwabanshu protected their leader and all got killed. Kenshin then put an end to him.

     Aoshi burries his former comrads and plotted revenge against Kenshin. He later joins with Shi-shio and almost killed the current Okashira (Okina). He then sees Misao again and tells her he never wants to see her again. ):
Now,every cute guy has his flaws, but in my eyes, Aoshi seems perfect. He's cute, he's tall, he's devoted and he's one heck of a fighter. But, he doesn't smile so often. As a matter of fact, I haven't seen him smile. If ever I did, i can't remember. Wanna help me out here? Send me a really cute smiling picture of Aoshi and if you don't mind, I'd be more than glad to place it here in my webpage.
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