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Enishi Yukishiro
Age-             24

Birthday-     May 1855

Height-        175 cm

Weight-        68 kg

Bloodtype-   A

Weapon-       Watou
    While Battousai was fighting Tomoe's abductors, he accidentally slashed her at the back. Enishi just happened to visit (talk about bad timing) and saw his sister got killed.( pretty traumatic for a little kid, if I may say so myself.) He then swore revenge against Kenshin for Tomoe's death.

     He was later adopted by a rich and happy family. Guess it made him more miserable seeing all the happiness around him so, well, he killed them. (Naturally, he got ALL their money)

     He then retured to avenge his sister's death by planning to slay someone close to Kenshin, Kaoru to be exact. He got hold of Kaoru and ofcourse Kenshin comes to her rescue. They fight and *naturally* Enishi lost.( sorry, you're probably tired of the obvious) He collapsed and he was arrested for several crimes. He dissapeared from the boat transporting him to jail after he recieved Tomoe's diary. He then meets an old man (his father, but he didn't know it) and he was never seen again.

     Now isn't this guy cool or what? He's got this whole "villain-y" thing goin on. Ofcourse he IS a villain but that's just my point.

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