Soujiro Seta
Age-              18
Birthday-      September 1861
Height-         163cm
Weight-         51kg
Bloodtype-    Ab
Weapon-       Nihontou
Hobbies-        grinning and eating
His Past
Soujiro had a very sad childhood. His family mistreated him. They beat him all the
time and he accepted it by smiling at them every time. Then they would just loose their interest.
   One day Soujiro saw Shi-shi-o kill 2 policemen and Shi-shi-o spotted him hiding behind a wall. When he approached  little Soujiro to kill him, Soujiro just smiled back at him. Shi-shi-o decides not to kill him if he would do him a favor. Soujiro then hides Shi-shi-o in his family's rice warehouse and brought him fresh bandages and some food.

   Then the next night Soujiro got beaten again. Shi-shi-o knew he was getting beaten. When he returned to him to give him some food and bandages, Shi-shi-o gave him the kodachi (a small sword) and says that "The strong survive and the weak die."

   He thinks about what Shi-shi-o said for the following days, seeing examples of the strong killing the weak around him.

     Then, his family finds out about Shi-Shi-o and confronts Soujiro about it. Then he get's beaten again. They said they were going to kill him and blame it on Shi-Shi-o. They even planned on making money with it :( they are bad people,
BAD, whah!!!):

     Soujiro runs fearfully back inside the warehouse. One of them finds him inside but Soujiro kills him with the Kodachi. The others heard his cowardly
scream and laughed about it (thinking it's Soujiro). But when the eight-year-old cutie (I'm talking about Soujiro, awright?!) emerged from the warehouse, they all freaked out and got slaughtered by  Soujiro.

(yeah,yeah I know, my summary is pretty crappy. So what, sue me! (just kidding, please don't)

       Soujiro's more than just a pretty face. He's youth, charm and witt all wrapped in one neat package. The bow on top of it? That melting smile. He's just adorable!

He's my ultimate favorite Anime character. The first time I saw him, I thought he was a girl. It was the episode of his first fight with Kenshin. I had no idea who he was. It's because I had a 2-month  vacation in Singapore last year and I missed a lot of episodes. I really wanted to know who he was and when I did, I was
more than crazy over him.  Now, that just reminds me of a song.
Hey, that didn't sound quite right... who cares! i'm crazy Rai-hahahahaha!!!! ^_^
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