A Pedestrian Guide to IDF Braille-Scale Modelling

What's this about?

The aim of this site is to list those injection-moulded plastic kits that are useful to the IDF-modeller in Braille Scale.

What's Braille Scale?

Although opinions may vary here, I confine the list to 1/72 and 1/76 scale (and everything that pretends to be that scale...).

Why Braille Scale?

It's my scale of choice, probably because I came from 1/72 aircraft modelling, where 1/72 makes storing the B 36 you put so much work into still possible.

What's in the sections?

A commentary is provided for each kit pointing out necessary modifications, conversion options and the like. The sections themselves are organized by type rather than by kit manufacturer.

Why that?

Good point. It seemed more sound to me.

Why injection-moulded kits?

Surely, there are some really nifty resin kits on the market. Unfortunately these tend to be quite expensive and often difficult to obtain. However, one can get good results using what is widely available on the market, putting only some extra effort into the kits.

Why pedestrian?

Hey, I'm not Sheperd Paine!!

The Sections


This section provides information on upgrades to the site as well as news from the market that are relevant to the IDF modeller
Here you can get basic information on IDF vehicles, existing kits and their conversion potential. For more detailed coverage see the appropriate sections below.
This section covers battle tanks as well as other full-tracked armoured fighting vehicles.
Apart from regular armoured cars, information on light scout cars, makeshift armoured vehicles etc. can be found here.
In this section I gathered information on armoured personnel carriers, full-tracked as well as half-tracked or wheeled.
Again this section is not confined to full-tracked vehicle. Half-tracked and wheeled vehicles as well as self-propelled rocket or missile launchers can be found here.
Any type of towed artillery (AA, AT or conventional Artillery) can be found in this section, including unguided rockets.
To prevent the Artillery section from becoming too cumbersome, guided missiles (AA, AT or ballistic ones) were put together in this section.
Normally such a section should comprise every kind of unarmoured vehicles in use with the IDF. In this case, however, I will only cover some selected vehicles. See inside for more details on the reasons for this!
This section includes tanks, other armoured fighting vehicles as well as softskins, leaving however artillery and missiles out.

If you are interested in conversions or scratchbuilding projects, have a look at this section. It will eventually provide detailed instructions as well as plans and sketches.


No model building effort can succeed without good reference - at least that's my opinion (well, most of the time...). Therefore I plan to collect a small reference library.

If you have pictures of small scale models and want to put them on show, just send them to me. If I ever get along with the expert art of taking pictures I will also add some myself.
I thought adding notes on figure modelling might come in handy. This section is divided chronologically into several subsections.
As far as links are concerned, I have tried to fish some interesting sites out of the net.

Any comments, suggestions and the like are welcome - just mail me at

[email protected]

For criticism etc. I'll put my wife's mail address in here in the future...

Ah, I almost forgot - this site is more or less permanently under construction!

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