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I have tried to form some categories for the links listed below and hope to fill them slowly. For a start I have put up here only a few links. More are to follow.

IDF modelling links

A site dedicated to IDF and Australian modelling. Some excellent reference pictures can be found here, together with some first-class model photos in the gallery. Really a must for the IDF modeler.

AEF Design

AEF Designs is manufacturer of resin 1/35 kits that are said to be of an excellent quality. They have an online catalogue with nice pictures of built-up models, and these can serve as good complementary reference, especially as they have a lot of unique IDF vehicles in their range.


Storm is in my humble opinion the best online forum on IDF and Mideast modelling matters. Come in and share your thoughts with others.

IDF Modeling

A french site devoted to IDF armour and aircraft modeling. In the gallery are some interesting models, but what really makes the site stand out - in my opinion that is - are the repherence photos. Definitely one of the best sources for reference pictures available. Moreover, it has a 'sister page':

IDF Modeling (2)

Again some very nice reference pictures.

Merkava page

A site totally dedicated to the Merkava. Good reference pictures can be found here

some general small-scale armour links

Let's start not with a small-scale site, but with what I consider to be the small-scale page, really in a class of its own

1/72-1/76 AFV Museum

P. Stortos page must rank among the best small-scale pages in existence. A virtual museum with hundreds of models on show, and it's continuously expanding. A great place to draw inspiration from.


Again in my humble opinion one of the best sites on the web. What makes it outstanding is the connection with the wargaming community. They have a very refreshing attitude on detail - as long as it looks right, it is right. I like that - who wants to spend his life counting the nuts on a Mk I tank, anyway? Also some really interesting tips. Very noticeable too a series of articles on the Sherman, note especially the piece on the Airfix Sherman.

On the Way!

Another outstanding site taking the opposite position as the site above - looking at some of these models makes it difficult to decide whether they are 1/35 or 1/72! Evidently they define ultra-hyper-super detailing as standard! Highly recommended also the kit review section.

Henk of Holland's page

A very good site from the Lower Countries on smallscale modelling. As he is a master maker for various resin manufacturers, you can find some outstanding models there. The best thing, however, is his CAD tool he provides free of charge on this site. Thanks, Henk!

This excellent site was discovered by me only a few weeks ago; it's one of my personal favourites already. They have set themselves the daunting task to review every plastic soldier set in small scale that is or was once on the market. Needless to say, it is not complete, but it's rapidly growing, and they have pictures of every figure in a set, making decisions to buy so much easier! Definitely worth to be visited.

general IDF links

IDF homepage

The official homepage of the IDF. Although an official homepage it is well worth a visit, the history section being particulary interesting.

National Photo collection

Excellent source for reference pictures; an online search engine is provided that makes access a breeze.

IDF Armour Museum Latrun

The most important armour museum in Israel. This site is apparently exclusively in Hebrew; so some challenge to navigate around.

The Avon Lady's Latrun Page

Closeups of various exhibits at Latrun on this excellent site - and in English. Yippeeh! Many thanks to the Avon Lady.

Green Hawks Home

An excellent source for reference material on IDF equipment. Includes not only tanks and armoured vehicles, but also artillery pieces and infantry equipment. Focusses mainly on modern equipment.

An awesome collection of reference material on weapon systems used or in use by the IDF, offering information on a wide range of equipment; on top of that, some really excellent photos from the Latrun collection, including some very strange Sherman variants (go and look at the 'monster'!). This site is definitely a must for any IDF modeller!

general armour links

The Sherman Register

An important research tool for everything that has to do with the Sherman. If you are into Sherman modelling, this is definitely worth a visit.

general modeling links

Tony Matteliano's Scale Model Index

Everything you always have searched and a shipload of things you never looked for can be found here. This must be one of the largest collection of modeling-related links on the web.

still under construction!!

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