The main aim of this overview is to provide most basic information on IDF vehicles and the easiest way to model them. Almost always other ways are possible, but then greater scratchbuilding effort is needed. Please refer to the according sections of the webpage for more detailed notes.

M4A1 Sherman
no info on hull type; early turret

Fujimi M4A1

M4A2 Sherman

early turret
M1 Supersherman

M4A1 (T 23 turret, 76mm gun, VVSS, later HVSS)
Revell M4A1 turret on Italeri/Esci M4A1 hull
M4A3 Sherman

T 23 turret, 76mm gun, VVSS, later HVSS
Revell M4A1 turret on Italeri/Esci M4A3 hull
M 50 Mk 1

M4A4 hull VVSS, later HVSS, 75mm L/50 gun
Matchbox Firefly (VVSS), modified turret
M 50 Mk 2

M4A3 hull VVSS, later HVSS, 75mm L/50 gun
Fujimi M4A3 (HVSS), modified turret
M 51

M4A1 late type hull or M4A3 hull, modified T 23 turret, 105mm L/44 gun
Fujimi M4A1 hull on Fujimi M4A3 suspension, scratchbuilt turret
AMX 13

standard vehicle
Heller AMX 13
M 48A2C

90mm gun
Esci M 48A2C
M 48A4

105mm L/7 gun, reengined
Esci M 48A4
M 48A5

upgraded to M 60 standard
Esci M 48A5
M 60A1

standard vehicle
Esci M 60A1
M 60A3

standard vehicle
Esci M 60A3
M 60 Blazer

reactive armour suit
Esci M 60 Blazer
Centurion Mk 3
20pdr gun , later upgraded with 105mm L/7
Airfix Centurion
Centurion Mk 5, 105mm L/7 gun, reengined
Airfix Centurion
Sho't Blazer

As above, with reactive armour suit
Airfix Centurion
Merkava I

105mm L/7 gun
Italeri Merkava
Merkava II

105mm L/7 gun, improved fire control
Esci Merkava II
T 55

unmodified standard T 55, 100mm gun
T 55S

reengined, 105mm L/7 gun
T 62I

reworked, 115mm gun
Italeri T 62

still under construction!!

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