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- 1892 Illo Tempore Film Awards Winners (29th of April 2003)

The French animated film, Un Bon Bock (A Good Beer), is named the Best Picture at the 2nd Illo Tempore Film Awards - 1892, winning a record of three awards. Emile Reynaud's production made history by producing a perfect score, winning in all the categories it was nominated. It brought Reynaud the Best Director Award, while Gaston Paulin got the Best Composer Award. 

- William Heise - Praised for a Lifetime's Work (19th of April 2003)

The Illo Tempore Tribute at the 2nd Illo Tempore Film Awards is given to the illustrious cinematographer, producer, director and actor - William Heise. As William K.L. Dickson's right hand from the very begging, Heise managed to define the art of film-making, particularly with his cinematographic vision.

- 2nd Illo Tempore Film Awards - 1892 Nominations (31st of March 2003)

Louis Lumière makes his debut at the Illo Tempore Film Awards in full force, having his documentary about Prince Edward Sax-Coberg Gotha, Le Prince De Galles (The Prince Of Walles) leading the best picture category with five nominations.

- 1891 Illo Tempore Film Awards Winners (1st of March 2003)

Dickson Greeting bags the Best Picture Award at the 1st Illo Tempore Film Awards - 1891, beating Duncan And Another, Blacksmith Shop and Duncan Or Devonald With Muslin Cloud, the two most nominated productions.

- William K.L. Dickson - First Tributaire (19th of February 2003)

The Illo Tempore Tribute honours the life of William Kennedy Laurie Dickson (winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Achievement Award in Production, as well as the Merit Prize in Production).


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