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Illo Tempore Film Awards

All Time Best

Top 3 People In Film

1. William Kennedy Laurie Dickson

2. William Heise

3. James C. Duncan

Top 5 Films

1. Dickson Greeting (1891)

2. Duncan And Another, Blacksmith Shop (1891)

3. Duncan Or Devonald With Muslin Cloud (1891)

4. Newark Athlete (1891)

5. Men Boxing (1891)

Top 3 Actors

1. James C. Duncan

2. Fred C. Devonald

3. William Kennedy Laurie Dickson

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1892 Illo Tempore Film Awards Winners

    The French animated film, Un Bon Bock (A Good Beer), is named the Best Picture at the 2nd Illo Tempore Film Awards - 1892, winning a record of threee awards. Emile Reynaud's production made history by producing a perfect score, winning in all the categories it was nominated. It brought Reynaud the Best Director Award, while Gaston Paulin got the Best Composer Award.Emile Reynaud swept the awards, by winning four gongs, Best Picture and Best Director with Un Bon Bock, and Best Breakthrough and The International Award for the best production from France with Pauvre Pierrot (Poor Pierrot). This equalizes William Heise's achievement in the 1891 competition.

2nd Illo Tempore Film Awards 1892 Winners

See full list of the winners and nominees. The results were announced on 29th of April 2003.

William Heise - Praised for a Lifetime's Work

    The Illo Tempore Tribute at the 2nd Illo Tempore Film Awards is given to the illustrious cinematographer, producer, director and actor - William Heise. As William K.L. Dickson's right hand from the very begging, Heise managed to define the art of film-making, particularly with his cinematographic vision. At times when special effects were used to a minimum, due to the lack of equipment, he made remarkable achievements in the field. The decapitation scene in The Execution of Mary Stuart is one of the first technical successes in movie history.  

In Spotlight

        William Kennedy Laurie Dickson

        Considered by many the most important person in movie history, William Kennedy Laurie Dickson is the most awarded individual at the Illo Tempore Film Awards, with a record of four honorary awards, and three annual awards. In his career covering mostly the 1890s, he has produced, directed, cinematographed or acted in more than 100 short films. His debut was honoured by a Best Breakthrough Award for Men Boxing, in which he had a double role as a producer and cinematographer. Two of his films were named Best Picture in 1891: Dickson Greeting took the main Best Picture Award, while Newark Athlete was named the best film from US. Although failing to sweep the annual awards at the 1st Illo Tempore Film Awards, Dickson promises to have a long ITFA history.

Film of the week

     Men Boxing is innovative in its own way. First of all is the first action film to be produced, and thus was supposed to have the quality to attract the viewers towards this genre. Unfortunately it is more disappointing then many would expect, even from a film made as early as 1891. The two men are fully dressed and are just giving the illusion of fighting. During the entire film there is no kick recorded, which comes to confirm the resentfulness to fight of both actors. William K.L. Dickson received his only individual award for his novel contribution to film through Men Boxing. His role as a producer and cinematographer of one of the first film in a popular genre ensured that the Best Breakthrough Award would be picked up by the No.1 in America's and world's movie history. (Read review).



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