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The Domination of the Draka

Service to the State!

This is my page for S.M. Stirling's creations, the Draka and the Domination of the Draka. The Draka characters and situations are copyright © S. M. Stirling and may not be used or reproduced commercially without permission.


The Draka and their Domination rely quite heavily on slavery, brutality, racism and several other concepts and philosophies incompatible with "Political Correctness." If any casual mention or discussion of these as common occurrences on this family of alternate historical timelines would offend you, you are welcome to leave now.
In the words of S. M. Stirling himself (from an interview with Don Kinney, found in a newsletter document that is no longer on the net), "it's a dystopia, you twit." So don't expect it to be nice, except when the contrast between Maxfield Parrish and Heironymous Bosch is apropos.

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What I have here is:

Here are links to other Draka sites:External Links nearby

The following used to have Draka-related content that has vanished, or the entire site is now gone. So these aren't actually links, but I'll tell you what used to be there.


Music to Dominate By

I don't have any Draka music, but how's this?
Depeche Mode: "Master and Servant"

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Would you like to try playing "Master and Servant" by Depeche Mode directly?

Glory to the Race!


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The Draka characters and situations are copyright © S.M. Stirling and may not be used or reproduced commercially without permission. No profit is being made from the stories/documents/files found on this website.
By Peter Karsanow.
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