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They have more than one appendix?

The first 3 books by S. M. Stirling set in the alternate history of the Domination of the Draka all had copious appendices. These mother lodes of timeline information were unfortunately not included in the omnibus edition "The Domination". Anne Marie Talbott (AMT) apparently got permission from S. M. Stirling to provide these appendices on the 'net. At that time, I (Peter Karsanow) transcribed the last half of the appendices for AMT to host on her website, which used to be at http://www.mindspring.com/~atalbott/ but is now gone. When that site went away, those appendices were thought to be lost, and the time to re-transcribe them deterred me from putting them back online. But through the miracle of file backups, they were found, reformatted to my website design, and made available for your reading pleasure.

Notes to readers:
First mention of placenames not common to our timeline and that of the Domination are given with their equivalent in brackets, thus: Virconium [Durban, South Africa].
Spelling at odds with our usage is usually retained, to keep the flavor of a work authored in another timeline.
Some concessions to consistent use of line spacing and centering of headings in tables have been made. The original transcription into HTML was made for best results in MsIE 4.0 browsers; 6.0 is now the target browser, using XHTML 1.0 and CSS.
Permission to provide these appendices received from S. M. Stirling, the original author, on 09 March 2002. See below for further dissemination.
All page numbers in "Marching Through Georgia" (MTG) are from first edition, second printing. Page numbers for all appendices in "Under The Yoke" (UTY) are based on first edition, first printing. Page numbers for all appendices in "The Stone Dogs" (TSD) are based on first edition, first printing.

If AMT ever brings her Draka site back, I'll be glad to let her host these appendices again. In the meantime, enjoy!

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The Draka material in the appendices is copyright © S.M. Stirling and may not be reproduced without permission.
By Peter Karsanow.
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