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This is my best approximation possible of what appears in pages 404 to 405 of the first edition of "
Marching Through Georgia" in paperback. Any strange words, inconsistent usage of spacing or punctuation have been replicated from that source. Enjoy!
I decided to split pp. 394–410 by subject matter into 9 appendices.
Another transcription of this source was once posted at Anne Marie Talbott's site, but that site has vanished. If you notice any transcription errors, please let me know.
Permission to provide the following material received from S. M. Stirling, the original author, on 09 March 2002. See below for further dissemination.

Peter Karsanow





Population: world population 2,500,000,000 (approx.)

Birth Rates per thousand, 1940:
Domination: Citizen 24, serf 30 (serf death rates are also higher)
Western Europe: average 17, lower in France and Scandinavia
U.S.: overall 24, Mexican states, 28, Philippines 37
South Asia: 38
China: 43
Japan: 32

In 1942, the free population of the Domination was 36,750,447, and the serf 501,792,544. Approximately 75 percent of the free and 38 percent of the serf population was urbanized. Of the serfs, 101,897,000 were owned by the Combines or the state; the remainder were in private hands. The African territories had a total population of 324,000,000 and remained the richest and most densely settled area of the Domination.

The population of the United States was 179,000,000. This included roughly 20,000,000 Hispanics and Asians (mostly Filipino) and about 11,000,000 blacks.

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