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If this page is displayed in a frame, which should happen only when the Geocities/Yahoo server puts them there and not because some other site is displaying my content, please reload this page to bust out of them.


Non-English Glyphs
Is this an α I see before me?

Visit my discussion of the non-English glyphs problem if the above heading doesn't contain a character that looks like a Greek lowercase alpha, or if you see box symbols or "?" in the middle of non-English words. Try switching character set to UTF-8 to fix them.



New!What's New? New!

This is where what's been changed on our site is recorded. There should be entries each time I modify any page, latest is at the top of the list. Links to each modified page too.


Moods for Moderns

Does this "new" music give you a Rush? :)

Sorry, failed to play the MIDI file via an OBJECT tag.
Would you like to try playing "New World Man" by Rush directly?

If for some reason nothing appeared above, after the two headings, then the OBJECT tag syntax to call a MIDI player failed.
Would you like to try playing "New World Man" by Rush directly?


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