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This is nearly the end of the line.
Before you go drooling all over looking for the games, there aren't any here! There are no games on this site, or pictures from them! It's a matter of disk space (which is limited) and the Geocities rules.

If this makes no sense to you, contact me and we'll see if you are dense or just trying to entrap me. If you work for a games company, and want a beta tester or all-around pain of a critic, you could contact me too!

Anyway, there is stuff here for:

You'll find that I spend (waste?) a lot of time on almost every game that I play, and I tend to document too much…


Site Rules and FAQs

In which the terminology of games, hentai or not, anime or not, adult or not, are explained. Useful stuff here even if you don't use DOS/V, DOSJ, or even Windows 9x (sign of the Anti-Bill protect us!). Some ground rules too, so I don't lose this site due to the dreaded anti-hentai forces of the Shaylin Temple. I'll even define anime, hentai, and ecchi!

It's all (except the ground rules) in the H games FAQ file here.
And my site ground rules are here.


Non-Adult Anime Games

There aren't many of these, and the non-English ones can be rather difficult to slog through. Without a naked female every so often, it can get boring! ;)

I've only got a few of these, and haven't put much effort into them. But here's files for:

and a link to a site with lots of non-H (some H if you look really hard for it):

You might also like: External Links


Non-Anime Adult Games

There are a lot of these out there, but I've only seen a few that require any assistance to play or complete. My few entries are to help you avoid a waste of your money.

As with the hentai games further on, I have NO pictures, just possibly some adult language. So there is an access barrier to give you a chance to bail out. Or you could just avoid going to my Adult Games page.


Bishoujo Games

In which the leering hentai shall find assistance in furthering his (rather few females interested in this area) progress. To protect the non-adult and/or non-anime and/or non-hentai people still reading, you will have to pass a "physical challenge" to get any further. Of course, there are NO pictures, just possibly some adult language, which I'm trying to conceal from your virgin eyes (ocular sex?).

Anyway, what's in there is my collection of FAQs, advice, and a file of some sort for every bishoujo game that I've worked on. It may be a walkthrough, or a complete solve, or directions on how to make the game think it is completed, or just hints on how to get as far as I've gotten, or maybe even just a placeholder to remind me to do some more work on a game. For now, there are only files for the games I consider "solved".

OK, here's your chance to enter the bishoujo games (text & lists format) or bishoujo games (in table format) area. Don't get me in trouble for this…


Non-Anime Non-Adult Games

Yes, these still exist. ;) What's here is my own collection of hint and walkthrough files for various CRPGs, and assorted files pertaining to several strategy games. After all, I've got to have a "respectable" game somewhere in case company comes!

If you're really interested in these games, there are much better sites out there. My suggestions in this area are External Link Neoseeker and External Link Game FAQs.

Here's what you can get from me:

What I've been playing for fun lately (External Link external links):


Music to Cheat at Games By

Every game deserves a "Happy End"!

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