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Transcriber's note:
This is my best approximation of what appears in pages 409 to 410 of the first edition of "
Marching Through Georgia" in paperback. Any strange words, inconsistent usage of spacing or punctuation have been replicated from that source. Enjoy!
I decided to split pp. 394–410 by subject matter into 9 appendices.
Another transcription of this source was once posted at Anne Marie Talbott's site, but that site has vanished. If you notice any errors due to faulty transcription by me, please let me know.
Permission to provide the following material received from S. M. Stirling, the original author, on 09 March 2002. See below for further dissemination.

Peter Karsanow



Constitution and Government


For the Citizen population, the Domination is a rather mild authoritarianism. There is an elected government, and a fair degree of freedom of speech and association. However, fundamental criticism (e.g., of serfdom) is not permitted, and the power of the Security Directorate has tended to gradually increase. Since there is a large degree of uniformity of opinion among the citizen population, this is not felt as much of a hardship.

Head of State and Government is the Archon, chosen for a 20-year term by two-thirds vote of the House of Assembly, the parliament. The Archon in turn chooses the heads of the Directorates (Transportation, Conservation, etc.) which manage sectors of the economy and provide services. The War Directorate is a special case, as its Director must be chosen from the General Staff and be approved by that body. There is a Senate, appointed by corporate bodies (the guilds, the Landholder's League, the Universities, etc.), which acts as a planning and coordinating authority; membership confers great social prestige. Local government is based on Provinces and Metropolitan Zones within the Police Zone, the pacified area, and under military/Security authority in the War Zone, where pacification is still going on. The Domination is actually more managed than governed, since over 90 percent of the population is property and, strictly speaking, subject to their owners rather than the State.

A noteworthy factor in the Domination's social system is the spread of overlapping ownership—many institutions which in the Western world would be supported by tax revenue instead own interests in the Combines, and thus have independent revenues.

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