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Transcriber's note:
This is my best approximation possible of what appears in pages 399 to 400 of the first edition of "
Marching Through Georgia" in paperback. Any strange words, inconsistent usage of spacing or punctuation have been replicated from that source. Enjoy!
I decided to split pp. 394–410 by subject matter into 9 appendices.
Another transcription of this source was once posted at Anne Marie Talbott's site, but that site has vanished. If you notice any transcription errors, please let me know.
Permission to provide the following material received from S. M. Stirling, the original author, on 09 March 2002. See below for further dissemination.

Peter Karsanow




Currency and Prices


The Domination's currency is gold-backed. The basic unit is the Auric (A), 1/10 of an ounce of fine gold, divided into 10 denarii (d) and 100 pennies. In 1942, an auric is rated at $3.72 U.S. (Geneva exchange rate).


Comparative prices:

Entry-level Citizen wage: A2,500 per annum.

Purchase price, Archona/Central Police Zone:

Standard unskilled serf: A200
Machine tender serf (assembly-line): A350
Skilled domestic servant: A250 (up to 1,000 for fancy items)
Three-bedroom house in Archona: A30,000, depending on neighborhood.
Dinner for two with house wine: A1.5 (two-star restaurant)
Kellerman mini four-seat autosteamer: A800 (will last 30 years if maintained)
Airship ticket from Archona to Tashkent: A90.35
Walking shoes: A6
Litre of fresh milk: 3p.
Kilo of sirloin: 25p.
Developed plantation in Police Zone: Al,250,000 (includes labor force, manor)
10,000 hectare grant in New Territories: Free, if settled and developed by claimant
Prime interest rate: 3.5% (Landholders League Bank)


Maintaining a serf in a large city, at accepted standards, would cost about A25 per year, not counting housing.

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