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A Chronology of the Domination of the Draka after the Eurasian War

The chronology below is my best guess at melding what's in "Marching Through Georgia," "Under The Yoke" and "The Stone Dogs," since they differ sometimes. Where they do, I made a choice, but there are so many conflicts in "The Stone Dogs" that I didn't record them all. It really starts at the end of the Eurasian War, where my "Eurasian War Strategies" document ends, but there are events from earlier that I found in the last two books which weren't mentioned in the "Timeline of the Domination" at the back of the first book. I did this mostly to collect information useful for a fanfic set just before the Final War. The very end includes tidbits from "Drakon" and one of Anne-Marie Talbott's fanfics.

If you haven't yet read "The Stone Dogs," much of this will contain SPOILERS! You've been warned.

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