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“Attiya is a real poet and the translation is really good, giving glimpses of her soul. I would like to write about her in Hindi and Punjabi” Amrita Pritam

Poetry for Attiya seems to consist in fighting for a cause. A reader of poetry may have his doubts about this sort of poetry. Even then one may find it difficult to dismiss it as sheer propaganda or as statemental poetry. What attracts us here is a ring of sincerity and a feminine zeal for a cause. The angry wounded woman imagines herself standing alone in Karbala with a determination to fight to the last against the army of Yazid arrayed against her. Intizar Hussain

Attiya Dawood is a voice from the goths and villages of rural Sindh. It is a voice of pain and harrowing anguish. As a rural Sindhi woman she finds deprivation everywhere: she faces oppression piled on oppression. As a woman, oppression of women by men, as a Third World woman, oppression and exploitation by the advanced capitalist countries. As a rural woman she is marginalised in favour of the voice of the first person singular – I, but they are not autobiographical the events written about are not necessarilly drawn from her own life. The poems may be considered a form of dramatic monologue in which she assumes the voice and persona of a suffering woman and articulates the anguish arising out of some concrete situation. Haroon Siddique

Feminine voices in Sindhi poetry

Truth or dare

A Question of honour, but whose honour?

Sindhi Text Books: The Invisible Women

Come back, you crazy woman, the world is a wonderful place!

Close encounters
with exorcism

Impressions of Beijing moot

For the women, 
by a woman

An exciting
new voice

Raging to be free

Attiya Dawood:
more substance
than style

The story of a 
woman and a feminist

Breaking shackles

Sindhi Aurat Ki Kahani, Articles in Urdu will be available soon.

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Author: Attiya Dawood
Translated from Sindhi: Asif Farrukhi
Published by Maktab-e-Danyal, Karchi
Pages: 73 Paper: Mate finish
With 15 Color Illustrations by: Khuda Bux Abro
Price: $8.00

Title: Sharafat Jee Pulsarat (Sindhi) Sharafat Ka Pul-e-Sarat
Translation in Urdu Parallel text
Author: Attiya Dawood
Preface by: Shaikh Ayaz
Published by Suhaee Books
Pages: 192 Paper: News print With 15 B/W Illustrations by: Khuda Bux Abro
Price: $8.00
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