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I Hate People
Hello and welcome to AngryKatz super-low-effort Rant Page. You know, I was considering keeping this the stark, white background with black text shithole way out of 1994, but hey, I'm not THAT terrible or lazy now. So I got my preparations in order, and here we go.....first, and obligatory disclaimer for a site like this...

DISCLAIMER ~ This website is written by an angry, non-PC, older guy who really does not give a rats ass about COPPA. If you are easily triggered, or offended, or otherwise bothered by things like common sense, uncomfortable or inconvenient truths, and are not old enough to understand what the term "When your balls drop" means - then you probably don't belong here, and maybe should try something more your size - like I hear Sanrio Town looks nice at this time a year, and the Teletubbies are lonely? Maybe you can spend a night with Freddy and his pals. And for you COPPA loving politicians - I'm not putting a goddamn 18 or older thing on my website - there's no point, not much to actually SEE here, and honestly, have you guys ever heard of the word "lying" - oh wait, I forgot, I live in amerika on EARTH - the place where reading comprehension is probably not even good enough to READ this site let alone sit through an entire page of one of my "Costco-sized-manifestos" as some people put it. Anyway, don't be a wussy asshat. BTW, there's no e-mail link, and there's no other way to talk to me - and it is that way FOR A REASON!

Hello, I'm Angry Cat, AngryKat, AngryCat...however you want to spell it. IDGAF! I'm your CIS Gender, Binary, White, Hetereosexual male who identifies as a male, and whose pronouns are he, him! Why am I telling you this, I dunno, it's what all the hip people are doing these days I guess! No - not the site - the seemingly random and arbitrary need to introduce myself as a amorous creature even though I'm not sleeping with a damn one of ya'll! I'm married dadgummit! Who the fuck cares? Exactly! As for the site, nobody's doing this anymore, that's what they made Social Media for, so your average idiot can voice their opinions of dissent met with a bunch of *normies* having a fit because they want a Circle Jerk/Echo Chamber instead of having to actually use the grey matter between their ears (which they are probably shrinking with drugs and alchol anyway)!

So, before we begin, I'm not a tinfoil hat Trump supporter right wing nutjob. Nor am I a quasi-halfwit socialist leftist either. I honestly, hate all politics, sports, and other bullshit like that, as you will soon find out on this site. I have intentionally removed all abilities to identify myself or be contacted on this website, because I don't want any discourse, drama, or arguing. Seriously, I'm a misanthrope - FUCK PEOPLE.'

As for my personal life, fuck you, none of your damned business, and I don't want to hear YOUR life story either! I've spent 40 years on this earth being told I"m "making it all about me" while I suffer being ignored, abused, and pissed off by other people. So seriously - my motto is "Human race is human waste". Oh yeah, I'm a Misanthrope and an Antinatalilst too. Breeders and Normies - GTFO!

And in case you were wondering how to contact me or "engage" - well, if that's the kind of "engagement" you want - then SCRAM! Because...

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